Friday, August 18, 2017

True Or False: Conservatism = Racism?

The statue of Roger Taney was removed in Annapolis. The former Supreme Court chief justice who ruled on the infamous Dred scott case was removed from the state grounds.

The city of Lexington and Fayette County, Kentucky is going to remove statues from the public square.

In Franklin, Ohio, the city removed a marker dedicated to Robert E. Lee.

In Baltimore, the city quietly removed Confederate memorials from the area.

There are calls to remove Jefferson Davis' namesake off US Highway 1 in Virginia.

Even calls to remove the namesake of Robert Byrd is happening in West Virginia.

Might as well throw in Jesse Helms, Strom Thurmond, Zell Miller, J. Edgar Hoover and others. Their names were embolden in statues and memorials.

This is bigger than I've thought.

White Extremist plan rallies in Boston and Laguna Beach, California. Expect more potential outbreaks of violence.

Now if I wanted to paint with a broad brush, I would say that conservatism is dosed in the fluids of stubborness, greed, hate, sexism, bigotry, xenophobia, Islamophobia, homophobia, anti-semitism, nationalism, climate denial, whataboutism and deflection.

What conservatives pull out their asses is usually a word vomit of twisted hsistory and repackaged facts. They throw in a few Black conservatives followers to defend white extremism.

I get annoyed by this nonsense.

When they say the Democratic Party of today being the party of racism, I look at the national party's nomination of the first African American president. I look at the first African American woman to run for the nomination. I look at the first woman to earn the nomination. I look at the first Muslim elected to the House of Representatives. I look at the first woman to hold the title of Speaker of the House. I look at the party to have two Black members in the current Senate. I look at the first Asian American woman who is a double amputee to be a senator. I see the Democratic Party as the party of progress.

The party that supports the environment. The party that supports the rights of Muslims, LGBT and immigrants. What Steve Bannon calls identity politics.
Barack Obama is the first African American to be the President of the United States. He was elected as a Democrat. The Democratic Party broke the color barrier by electing him.
What makes me more likely to endorse the Democrats I'd the very fact they are for progress. Hence the term progressive.

They want to eliminate white supremacy. The very fact that conservatives are livid over the removal of Confederate monuments and statues is probably why Blacks support the Democrats over the Republicans.

Republicans want to keep these things up in the public square. Their presence in the public arena demonstrates the hatred of the past century. The Republicans continue to preserve it.

However, when it comes to Black issues, they're still slow on this. To Democrats, Black issues are the third rail to losing an election. Out of political phobias, the Democrats don't want to be seen as the party that caters to Black grievance.

When Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Act, it marked the end of the Democratic Party's dominance in South.

Bill Clinton was the last Southern to be elected as a Democrat. He was the last president to ever carry the South. Al Gore, John Kerry, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton could not win the South. Now the Democrats are at risk of loosing the Midwest.

When Trump won Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa, it made me think that the White Democrats abandoned the party because they perceived the notion that Obama only did things for Blacks.

The Blacks who voted for Trump also claim that Obama didn't do enough.

Regardless of their concerns, the Republicans and especially conservatives spewed this nonsense to the junk food media.
These are not Democrats. These are Republicans and supporters of White extremism.
When Barack Obama came into power we heard the distractions. Conservatives were dogging on the Obama years by pointing out gun violence in urban cities.

Conservatives trolled Obama when he addressed concerns in the Black community. His 2008 speech A More Perfect Union, My Brother's Keeper, Jumpstart, his criminal justice reform policies and reaction to high profile events that dealt with Black frustration. It was criticized. The militant Blacks like Cornel West and Tavis Smiley were complaining that Obama is too cozy to Whites and has done nothing for the Blacks. The coon trolls Larry Elder, Jesse Lee Peterson, Kevin Jackson and David Clarke were calling Obama's outreach to the Black community racist.

White conservative agitators would blow the whistle when it dealt with Obama and the Black community. Even the inept leader Donald J. Trump managed to blow the whistle when it comes to issues.

Conservatives often marginalized Black grievance with racism. They believe that Black Lives Matter is a racist group that kills cops.

The conservatives marginalize Black lawmakers, activists and celebrities as a threat.

When conservatives point out the history of the Democratic Party, they often compare the old style Democrats to their predecessors of the modern times.
Neo Nazi leader Matt Heimbach is a Republican. He was a former Republican delegate who became the founder of the white extremist Traditionist Youth Movement.
The Democratic Party has move to the center-left after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 law passed. The Democratic Party is the coalition of minorities, college youth, women and progressives.

In this political football for the Black vote, these conservatives resort to the past to court the vote. I hear about the Democrats refusing to get behind the Civil Rights Act.

Well if you grew up in the 1820s to the 1960s, Southern Democrats were extremely conservative and racist. They sparked from the tarnished legacy of Andrew Jackson.

Jackson was a conservative leader who spread hate throughout his terms.

Know that racist and conservatism is one in the same.

In the wake of Charlottesville, many activists are calling upon local and state leaders to remove Confederate statues and monuments.

Do you believe conservatives embrace bigotry, racism, sexism, Islamophobia, homophobia, xenophobia, climate denial, ethnic nationalism, revisionist history, alternative facts and whataboutism?

Oh yeah. The modern day Republican Party, Donald Trump and their base of conservative/libertarian allies believe in this notion. You see it in the public. There's no denying it.
Hell no. This is a lie. If you look at the modern day Democratic Party and their progressive allies, you see them as enablers, not conservatives. It's a double standard to place the burden on conservatives.
Do Quizzes

Conservatives are trying to cease upon history as their own.

Civil Rights isn't a work of conservatives. The conservatives of yesterday were the people who want to preserve white supremacy. The modern day conservatives are the ones who believe in state's rights, closed borders, religious freedom, bans of American culture. The sons and daughters of yesterday's conservatives.

To be honest, don't take conservatives seriously when it comes to being champions against racism.

Racism is emboldened in their blood. Their descendents plugged them full of alternative facts and covfefe.

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