Sunday, August 06, 2017

Terrorist Firebombs A Minnesota Mosque!

On Saturday, a terrorist tossed an explosive into a Minnesota mosque.
White extremists are taking refuge in states with low minority populations.

Minnesota has a 81% White population. State with high White population are prime real estate for extremists to take residence.

The FBI and Minnesota law agencies are looking into an attack on religious institution. The attack on a Minneapolis mosque gotten the attention of the junk food media.

This was a straight up terrorist attack. The attack was a firebombing.

The incident happened on Saturday. It occurred at the Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington, a city located approximately 10 miles from Minneapolis and 13 miles from St. Paul.

Allegedly one worshiper saw a pickup truck speeding away shortly after the explosion.

It was an improvised explosive device that was capable of injuring or killing people near it.
Thank goodness no one got killed.
Minnesota has a large Somali population. The right wing bubble continues to pour on the notion that Somalis are joining the Islamic State and Minnesota's Democrats are giving comfort to terrorism.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations has condemned this attack and call upon the feds to do something about hate crimes against Muslims.

I am just waiting on that elf, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III to do something about terrorism. I am not talking about "radical Islam" like the conservative agitators. I am talking about the radical conservatism.

This white extremist movement they call the alt-right is a dangerous force. They are the biggest allies to the inept leader Donald J. Trump.

No comments from the inept leader.

And because of the voices in the junk food media, agitating the notion of "us against them," I won't be surprised the next time I hear about this place, it would be because of a mass shooting.

By the way, we haven't forgot about the Oak Creek Massacre.

A White extremist massacred five Sikhs in a suburban Milwaukee temple. This extremist was inspired by the rhetoric of the hate web and was driven by his madness of Sikhs in his community.

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