Monday, August 07, 2017

National Weather Service Under Fire For Failing To Alert Tulsa Tornado!

Remember The Drudge Report was posting tragedies whenever Barack Obama went on vacation. Now that Donald J. Trump is in charge, no mentions. The federal government failed to warn residents about a major tornado hitting Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Remember conservatives complained about Barack Obama being on vacation while a crisis happened in the United States.

Well I am waiting on Donald J. Trump to react to the nearly tragic incident that happened in the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Tulsa has a population of 414,000 residents. It is in the heart of the infamous "Tornado Alley."

I am waiting on The Drudge Report to post an imagine of Trump photoshopped to a torn down Whataburger.

The city was hit by an EF2 tornado and the National Weather Service failed to alert the weather spotters. They didn't activate the sirens and the tornado was on the ground for more than 10 minutes. It carved through seven miles before the NWS activated warning alerts.
Trump at his New Jersey golf course crashing another wedding.
At least 30 people were injured from the damages.

The mayor of the city, G.T. Bynum and Gov. Mary Fallin will call upon the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Congress to aid in findings.

Congress under Republican control is going to pussy foot funding to aid the city. They believe people on food stamps, welfare and assistance are destroying the country.

Oklahoma has five Republican representatives two Republican senators. Who will be begging for some federal funding to rebuild?

Would Republicans oppose funding despite one of their own is asking for it.


The impact area is spread across Tulsa's Midtown region. It is west of Interstate 244 and north of Interstate 44.

So who's gonna to take the blame for not alerting Tulsa about a tornado?

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