Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Ma'lik Richmond's Dad Bucks A Judge!

Convicted rapist Ma'lik Richmond was sidelined at Youngtown State University. He was barred from playing football for the foreseeable future. His father Nathaniel Richmond was the terrorist who shot at a state judge. The law puts him down. Now Ma'lik will have to bury his father.

The father of convicted rapist Ma'lik Richmond was killed by the Jefferson County, Ohio boys after he ambushed the judge who may have sent his son to the iron college.

Judge Joseph Bruzzese, Jr. was shot and wounded on Monday. The judge was walking into the Jefferson County courthouse when he was shot.

Ma'lik Richmond was the Steubenville high school student who played on the football team. He was convicted of raping a 16 year old girl at an unsupervised house party. Richmond and Trent Mays were the teens who recorded the encounter.

They were charged as adults and sentenced to 16 months in the juvie and labeled TIER III in Offender U.

This was a huge scandal in the rust belt. The city with a population of 18,000 had to clean house. School board members, high school coaches and city leaders were either implicated or charged with aiding and abetting.
Nate Richmond was a controversial figure in Steubenville, Ohio.
Bruzzese was injured but he was packing heat as well. He returned fire injuring the terrorist, Nate Richmond.

Richmond was apparently upset with the judge and waited in repose for the judge to exit his car. He shot the judge in the leg and stomach.

The terrorist was shot and killed by the county probate firing his service weapon. Richmond had a criminal history and was to be in court that day.

Ma'lik Richmond enrolled at Youngstown State University to play football. He was sidelined after public outcry against the football team. They blame Steubenville leaders for covering up the scandal.

Bruzzese is an avid hunter and one "tough son of a gun." He will survive his injuries.

John Kasich, Ohio's governor was notified about this as well as Donald J. Trump.

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