Friday, August 11, 2017

Just Do Something Already!

The North Korean government is considering a strike on the American territory of Guam.
The United States and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) are more talk than action. But the tensions are making the world a tad bit nervous.

We have no idea if North Korea is bluffing on nuclear weapons. Regardless, our inept leader is tuning up the heat on the tiny country.

Donald J. Trump took to social media to warn the North Koreans that "we're ready to go H.A.M." on that country. He believes the "fire and fury" isn't hard enough.

The North Koreans are not taking kind to the UN-backed sanctions and blame the "senile and reckless" leadership of the United States for that.

Pyongyang is basically telling the United States, "You bring it to us and we're bring it to you!"

They have threatened to aim missiles at the U.S.-territory of Guam. The island's governor Republican Eddie Calvo is urging calm and cautious optimism this matter won't result in the triggering of a nuclear war.

What makes me concern about this, is the junk food media's lust for war.
Trump amps the rhetoric.
War isn't a good guy or bad guy scenario. It's just a causality event in which innocent human beings are killed because of political disagreements.

The Democratic People's Republic of China warns the United States to launch an attack on North Korea first. They warn that if the U.S. and the Republic of Korea (South Korea) conduct a regime change, the Chinese government will intervene.

Thus, triggering another World War.

The most unpopular leader in modern history along with Republicans are once again toying with a senseless war. A war over what?

North Korea could trigger an offense against South Korea and Japan.

South Korea and Japan could expel United States military from their countries.

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