Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Houston Residents Resort To Survival!

Junk food media has an OBSESSION to politicize tragedies. Someone caught two stealing worthless televisions. Hurricane Harvey is one of the worst since Sandy and costliest since Katrina.

The tragic effects of Hurricane Harvey are being played across the world. The American junk food media once again polarizes a tragedy for ratings, political grandstanding and sympathy.

Once this tragedy ends, we're off to another controversy.

Again, I can not offer prayers and condolences to the dead or even the surviving. They are never gonna hear them. You're just a nobody to them. If you're not affect by the disaster, you often turn to charity and celebrities to aid the victims.

And as usual, the blame game.

The junk food media continues to point fingers at one another for a crisis.

Houston is America's fourth largest city. The population is 3.4 million and the metropolitan area serves 9 million. There are thousands of people displaced by the storm. There are millions who may be homeless, jobless and hungry.

These people are resorting to grabbing everything to survive. However, we see the same old song when it comes to survival.

When Americans react to viral videos, its usually a word vomit. Often you read stories about residents "looting" stores.

White extremists who hide behind their keyboards often claim that Blacks are taking televisions, shoes and video game systems.

Corporations are insured and the people that loot will eventually be caught. But if people are raiding a grocery store to grab food, water, and shelter, that's considered survival.

Only if it's Blacks, it's looting. When it's whites, it's finding. Remember Hurricane Katrina opened that wound. It was amplified by conservatives, and prodded by white extremists.

An ABC News reporter set off the controversy. Tom Llamas created a firestorm of controversy by tweeting that people were looting and they covered their faces.

Many on social media slammed Llamas for calling the law on the people who were in need.

A police officer died in the floods. Sgt. Steve Perez got stuck on a local road when the flood waters trapped him and he drowned. The police chief Art Acevedo broke down when he heard the news.

The mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner issued a curfew to prevent looting. Turner is facing a conservative backlash for not evacuating the city. The mayor told the junk food media, that if people panic and clog up the highways, it impedes on local authorities. People who live in low lying areas should seek higher ground. He warned that if Interstates 10, 45, 69/U.S. 59 and 610 were clogged with traffic, the rainfall could flood the roads and make it a trap for the motorists. He said that it's best to remain calm and do all you can to survive.

Sean "Softball" Hannity was trying to bait Texas Republican, Gov. Greg Abbott into attacking Turner for not heeding the calls to leave the city. Abbott told the softball that Turner was in constant contact with him, Donald J. Trump and local authorities.

Joel Osteen was under fire for not opening up his Lakewood mega church. Two men came to the church to troll the multi-millionaire pastor for not opening his church to those seeking shelter.

Osteen went to the junk food media to deny that his church would lock out people. His staff posted pictures of areas that were flooded and warned that the public shouldn't rush to judgement.
Trump is doing a political event not a tour of Hurricane Harvey damages.
Osteen also got his communication director to publicly dismiss the concerns. He said that if anyone was willing to move through a flooded U.S. 59 (Interstate 69) to get Lakewood, it would be extremely dangerous. He said he doesn't care what people think of him and Osteen. He knows what's right.

Trump and Melania go to Texas to look at the damages. The progressives were complaining about the shoes she wore heading towards Marine One. Many fashion critics slammed her for lacking common sense and sympathy to the victims.

Many complained that Trump did a campaign rally instead of a sympathy photo-op. Trump was talking about the huge crowd of people who came to see him and Melania.

Trump got a lot of criticism after he pardoned former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio. He also banned transgender Americans from enlisting in the military in 2018. He also went to Twitter to plug a book for Wisconsin sheriff David Clarke, Jr. He attacked Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) the most vulnerable member who's up for reelection. All of this were distractions.

He waved the Texas flag and got praise from Abbott and Republican Sens. John Cornyn and Ted Cruz.

I want you to know that most of what I'm discussing isn't productive.

This is an example of the partisan bullshit that divides us. Yeah, I don't like Donald J. Trump.

But for this event, I am not wasting too much time complaining about him, Melania's shoes, Greg Abbott or Sylvester Turner's handling of a crisis.

They can do so much.

The people we really should go after is the lawmakers in Congress. They will have to pass disaster relief. I am wondering if the Texas Republicans (especially from those areas) will put down their opposition to support a stimulus to help Texans.

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