Saturday, August 19, 2017

Four Honey Traps Kill A Man!

Four women plotted murder on a trick. They killed a man who tried to help change their tire.
A Charleston, Missouri man tried to be a "good samaritan" with four women who dance for a living.

Turns out his good deed went punished. Four women named Brittany Curry, Ponesha Taylor, Johniesha Simmons and Lauteshia Dotson were charged with first-degree murder. Their victim Ralph Cross was found dead after the Mississippi County Boys found him dead inside his home.

Cross was shot in the back.

Witnesses said that Cross and the suspects were inside his home. Allegedly, Cross offered to help the women. He bought them a new tire and invited them back to his home where they stayed until his body was discovered a few days later.

A witness told authorities that Cross was arguing with three of the women while the fourth woman sat inside a car parked outside.

The witness saw the three women hurry outside the man's home.
Woman bucks a man who helped them in more ways than one.
One of the women fingered Curry as the ringleader. This was a botched robbery.

Authorities said that the women were working the Backpage and were "honey traps."

The women turned themselves in at the Mississippi County Lockup earlier this month.

All women are being held without a get out of free card. They could face LIFE in the iron college if they are convicted. They are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Cross was a good guy said the family in press release. The people are going to recognize him for the good deeds he's done for the community. He would help give children back to school supplies.

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