Sunday, July 30, 2017

Venus Williams: Seat Belts Save Lives!


Palm Beach Gardens Police release the body camera footage of the fatal accident that Venus Williams was involved in. The footage shows the officer telling Williams that she is at fault in the car accident but didn't cite her.

The cop said to Williams, "You just got stuck in a bad situation there."
Venus Williams fires back at the family of Jerome Barson. She believes they were the ones at fault because of not wearing seat belts.
The video footage was released on Thursday and police initially said that Williams was solely at fault.

A video released from the private estate that Williams lived in showed that she was at a green light and quickly paused when another car cut her off. About the time she was proceeding through, the vehicle driven by Linda Barson t-boned Williams. Barson was a green light.

The police canceled the "at fault."

Now in the early footage of the body camera, the officer proceeds to the Barsons.

An officer talks to Linda Barson.

She said that her husband Jerome was on blood thinners and bleeding. They were sitting in their damaged vehicle with airbags deployed. Jerome Barson died a few weeks later.

Now the family is suing Williams for wrongful death and are seeking unspecified damages.

Williams shot back and said that the Barsons were not wearing seat belts at the time.

Williams attorneys fired back at allegations. She believes that the Barsons are trying to be deceptive.

Williams continues to have sympathy towards the family, but is clear that the fault doesn't solely lie on her feet.

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