Monday, July 24, 2017

Trump's "Made In America" Is Truly Russian!

The man with 👐 meets the Vladimir Putin.
This last few weeks of July are dedicated to "Make America Great Again" by "Buying American."

Donald J. Trump has been criticized for his brands being made in foreign countries. The junk food media pointed out that this inept leader's brands and daughter Ivanka Trump's brands are made in foreign countries.

Trump also faced flack for not disclosing his conversation with Russian Federation leader Vladimir Putin. Trump was at the G20 Summit and had another conversation with Putin without Americans around.

Trump also acknowledged that the investigation into his personal finances are "off limits."

Robert Mueller, the special investigator for the FBI is doing inquires into Trump's allies and Russia.

Trump is teasing a cannon firing. He hasn't signaled a cannon firing of Mueller, yet. But insiders believe that he might retaliate against the investigator if damaging information comes to the limelight.

Trump also teased the notion of presidential pardons for those who could be indicted for collusion with Russian officials.

Trump was none too happy about his agenda being stalled by Republicans and Democrats.

Trump is also warning a veto if the Congress passes sanctions on Russia. The Congress is expected to pass a rebuttal to Russian meddling and it's likely to survive a veto threat.

Trump refuses to meet with Democrats. He ended up having dinner with Republicans but not the Democrats. The Republicans are squabbling over how to "repeal and replace" Obamacare.

Their 7 year mission to repeal the Affordable Care Act is very unpopular. Republicans haven't discussed any reasonable solutions to improve healthcare. They just roll out nonsense that could throw millions of Americans off their insurance.

Republicans have also been juggling around the allegations of Trump and associates being in bed with Russian spies.

Donald Trump, Jr. and Paul Manafort will be summoned to a closed door briefing with the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Trump, Jr., Manafort, Jared Kushner, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, Roger Stone, Carter Page and Michael Flynn are under federal watch.

Kushner went to the senate to testify under closed doors.

Trump, Jr. and Manafort will appear this week to address allegations of collusion.

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