Friday, July 07, 2017

Trump's Eurovision!

Standing at the end. Donald J. Trump goes to the G-20 Summit with half of the world leaders hating him.

Donald J. Trump heads to the G-20 Summit. He will meet Russian Federation president Vladimir Putin. He also confront leaders from the European Union concerned about America's role in the world under his leadership.

He already has embarrassed the world by being Trump.

The G-20 Summit is being held in Hamburg, Germany. The leaders from 20 of the worlds's richest nations discussed trade, North Korea, military strategy and intelligence.

Remember the junk food media was telling us that Trump will be presidential.


A mighty handshake to the Russian leader Vladimir Putin.
Trump dismissed the allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. Election and claimed that it was Barack Obama his predecessor's fault. He said it nobody really knows that who interfered in the election and said that Obama could have done more.

Trump insulted the intelligence agencies and the American press on foreign soil.

Then president Barack Obama imposed strict sanctions on Russia.

Trump called terrorism is a menace and "it must be stopped." We can't even stop gun violence in the United States. Inside our borders is extremism and state sponsored terrorism.

In Poland, Trump will probably start a "cold war" with Russia.

He will agree to a missile defense shield. He will also demand that the European Union stop unfair trade agreements with the United States. He will press China, South Korea and Japan to do something about North Korea.

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