Saturday, July 29, 2017

Ralo: The Hood Made Me A Millionaire. I Ain't Leaving!

Ralo proud to be a hood millionaire. He poses in his Lamborghini with mainstream rapper Future.
Atlanta rapper Ralo told the junk food media, that he will be a product of his environment regardless of his millions. The rapper went to social media to declare that despite him driving a $80,000 Lamborghini, the rapper will continue to park it in them grimy Atlanta streets.

Ralo (born Terrell Davis) is becoming well-recognized in the entertainment industry.

The rapper boasted that he made $12 million by selling drugs. The rap game pays his freedom.

For only being 21 years old, the rapper has done some crazy shit when he was a youth.

He claims from age 12 to 19, he was placed in the juvenile lockup and adult lockup. He has 34 on his punch card in the lockup. During that two times he had a stint in the iron college.

He was raised in West Atlanta and lives in The Bluff neighborhood. The residents call that the most dangerous neighborhood in the city. Ralo claims that he's better home than in the suburbs.

He began rapping only a mere two years ago. He signed to Young Scooter's Black Migos Gang and Gucci Mane's 1017 Brick Squad. He also launched his own label Famerica Records.

Ralo recently released a mixtape with Gucci Mane.

Ralo said that he wished things would be different. He didn't graduate from high school. He said that drugs and crime made him a success. He never apologizes for this.

Ralo never apologizes for his antics. He allegedly threw $30,000 in cold cash to homeless people.

Many believe the rapper's days are numbered. He doesn't apologize for his criminal history. He made enemies with local residents and dope pushers. He claims that he'll die a gangsta.

More power to you, brother.

Here's a few videos of the rapper. One with mainstream act Future and the other him explaining why he believes "The Bluff" is Atlanta's forgotten gem.

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