Saturday, July 08, 2017

Police Clear Venus Williams Of Fatal Accident!

Williams, seen in a tearful press conference Monday, entered the intersection on a green light, new video footage shows
The police determined that Venus Williams was not at fault for a fatal accident in June.

Palm Beach Gardens Police release a security video of the incident that happened back in June.

Tennis superstar Venus Williams was involved in an accident that killed a 78 year old man. The family of the victim is suing the tennis star for reckless driving.

Williams distraught about the situation claims that she didn't cause the accident.

Linda and Jerome Barson hit Venus Williams' car on June 9 in Palm Beach Gardens; Jerome died two weeks later due to his injuries. Cops initially blamed Williams in the incident
Jerome and Linda Barson.
Video evidence shows that.

I took a look at the video on The Daily Mail's website. I observed the video and seen that Williams was at the green light. She paused for a vehicle and proceeded to turn on the left at red. That's when the vehicle being driven by Linda Barson collided with her.

Williams was driving a SUV and Barson was driving a mid-size car.

The victim was Jerome Barson. He was the passenger in the vehicle and he died a few days later.

The police report stated that Williams was "at fault."

But Williams' legal team obtained footage of the incident from the security guard booth at her gated community to dispute the charges.

The speed limit on Northlake Boulevard is 50 from the east and 55 from the west. It's a six lane highway that has peak traffic averaging at 10,000 per day. The Barsons were traveling west.

Williams who didn't not attend the preliminary hearing was at the Wimbledon tournament.

Based on the evidence determined by the video, it showed Venus Williams approached the intersection at a green light. She was about to travel north towards a nearby gated community.

She had to stop because another car turned in front of her nearly causing a collision.

The light was turning red when Williams was in the middle of the intersection. About that time, Linda Barson was approaching the intersection at red and it soon turned green. Barson was normal speed proceeded into the intersection and crashed into Williams.

The incident is still under investigation.

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