Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Ohio Sheriff Will Let Dope Fiends Suffer!

Trump supporting sheriff won't aid overdose victims.

Richard K. Jones, the Ohio sheriff of Butler County is a staunch Republican and huge supporter of Donald J. Trump. He is just as controversial as Milwaukee County. Wisconsin sheriff David Clarke. He along with other Republicans are getting "tough" on heroin.

He said he wants to help victims of drug abuse by doing nothing.

Basically he said that he doesn't waste taxpayer money to help treat victims of overdose.

Butler County's population has rose to 383,000 people. It's area's ripe for the pickings. Interstate 75 is a major corridor and area heavily traveled. Drug cartels rely on Interstate 70 and 75 in Dayton as a shelter for quick transport of heroin and fentanyl.

This area is the center of the heroin crisis. He blames illegal immigrants and cartels for the crisis.

Jones admitted that heroin is plaguing his county. He said that he's done with helping the junkies.

Jones said he is done. He wants his deputies to no longer aid victims of overdose.

He said his deputies won't use Narcan now and never under his watch despite its effectiveness in reversing the effects of heroin overdoses.

He claims that overdose victims are violent towards his deputies. He said he wants to protect them from these occurrences.

Some of the communities in Butler County include Hamilton, Oxford, West Chester, Middletown, Franklin, Carlisle, Fairfield, Ross, New Miami, College Corner, Trenton and Monroe.

It's a boomburb and part of the Cincinnati/Dayton metroplex.

There will be protests at the Hamilton County sheriff's office.

Jones who said that he wanted Trump to bill Mexico for the county's detainment.

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