Friday, July 21, 2017

Not Saving A Drowning Man Might Get Teens Served!

The drowning death of Jamel Dunn was recorded by a group of Florida teens who just didn't care whether lived or died.



The death of Jamel Dunn of Cocoa, Florida has been mentioned in the junk food media. The young man was found in a retaining pond after his girlfriend reported him missing. The local authorities retrieved the body.

It was reported that a group of teens were watching him drown.

The teens mocked, laughed and recorded his final breath. Now authorities are charging these teens with a misdemeanor for not reporting an emergency.

The teens ranging from ages 14 to 16, had made a video of the drowning, which was published on Friday by local junk food media.

The teens watched the 31 year old man begging for his life.

Police identified and interviewed the teens involved. The prosecutors said that the teens didn't commit a criminal act. State law doesn't require people to give or call for help when someone is in distress.

Public outcry led to the prosecutor to charging them.

Police said that home surveilllance video showed Dunn jumping over a fence and willingly going into the pond.

It's hard to charge individuals with a crime when they didn't commit one. Watching someone die is callous. But if you're not the one who commit the criminal act, why should you get dirty for the sake of being a "good samaritan."

Cocoa mayor Henry Parrish III said, "It saddens me to the core to watch video shot by a group of kids watching a man drown and doing nothing to help him. There just no words to describe the lack of conscience within these young people. I also would like to extend my deepest condolences to Mr. Dunn's family and friends. My hope is we all come together to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else."

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