Friday, July 21, 2017

Free Like OJ, All Day!

OJ Simpson granted parole.
Well the White extremists and agitators in the junk food media are beyotching about how Orenthal James Simpson being granted parole for the 2007 robbery.

Still stuck in this mode about how a Black man beat the system.

The Nevada State Board granted the OJ Simpson a release with strict conditions.

His family and closest friends are celebrating the release. The White extremists are outraged that this "murderer" is set loose.

Simpson was accused by neighboring California in the deaths of his estranged wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman. He was charged with murder and was found not guilty. He was ordered in a civil trial to pay up $35 million in criminal damages.

Still railing against him for the 1994 murder and 1995 trial.

The prosecutors didn't prepare for the the explosive testimony of one former LAPD detective. The perjury of Mark Fuhrman damaged the Chris Darden and Marsha Clark's accusations.

Fuhrman was featured on Fox News. Mind you, this dirty former cop said Nigger on tape and was caught planting evidence on suspects. He lacks credibility.

Perfect fit on the network.

CNN had Jeff Toobin, Mark Geragos and Areva Martin. The host Brooke Baldwin was caught off guard by Martin's comments.

When Arnelle Simpson's spoke on behalf of her father, she made a tearful and heartfelt reponse about being with him.

Martin said that she see a young woman who wants her father out. She thinks the words of Arnelle are similar to that conservative agitator Meghan McCain's heartfelt comments about her father Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and his fight against cancer.

Baldwin tried to cut Martin out. Martin wasn't going to let that slide.

Martin slammed Toobin and Geragos for focusing on the 1994 trial instead of the 2008 robbery conviction. She told the panel that Simpson was a model intern.

Nevada parole board was not concerned about the issue in California. Simpson has this felony on his record. He had no other criminal charges. He was a low risk offender. He served his time.

The Daily Mail tried to push a sensational story about Simpson. They claimed he masturbated in front of a prison guard. That was fake news. Simpson was not involved in that. He did not sleep with a transgender intern. He was following all the rules according to the guards and parole board.

During the parole hearing, Simpson said that the media makes up stuff for ratings.

Simpson's victim even called for his release. Bruce Fromong, the victim of the robbery showed the parole board that he did not point a gun at him. He said that one of the men with him attacked him.

Simpson said the night of this robbery, he was at a wedding of a friend. He was told of Mike Gilbert, a shady dealer who had Simpson's property. Simpson went to retrieve his stuff. It got heated and a man pointed a gun.

Simpson did not take a plea deal. He went to trial and was handed 9 to 33 in the iron college. He would have gotten 1 to 3 years if he would have taken the plea deal.

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