Wednesday, July 05, 2017

For Every Bad Cop, There Will Be A Dead Cop!

Terrorist ambushed a NYPD officer while she was doing command survallience.
Pretty damn blunt. With a polarizing nation, a polarizing leader, internet memes and controversial police shootings of unarmed/unprovoked people of color, a police officer who does good for the community will pay the price for all this nonsense.

Just like me, the police have a job. Their job is thankless and unappreciated.

The police killing unarmed people of color is a very touchy subject. Almost all of the officers indicted by a prosecutor get off without a charge.

That infuriates those who have content against law enforcement. They will use their rights as a citizen to retaliate against the good cops who have to deal with the frustration of the community.

Cops being killed is on the rise in the age of Donald J. Trump. And the leader and Congress won't do nothing about it other than blame one another for the actions of one.

Sooner or later, we'll be back talking about another police shooting an unarmed citizen, a mass shooting and a police officer killed by an attacker.

So in other words:

Expect more.


Let's make this clear: I do not condone violence against any member of law enforcement or anyone of color. I am simply pointing out the theory that "for every bad cop who gets off an indictment, a good cop will be the target of an unprovoked attack."

And of course when the cop is killed, the blame everyone else but the shooter excuse starts. Former president Barack Obama, Muslims, immigrants or Black Lives Matter will be immediately blamed for the shooting.

And the junk food media will ignore the other events in the country.

Three Chicago cops were charged with conspiracy to cover up the fatal shooting of LaQuan McDonald. The cop who shot him, Jason Van Dyke is facing murder. Each individual is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Ohio State Patrol officer shot and killed a Cincinnati man after he rammed his car into his cruiser. The officer was pulling another person over in Dayton when this guy named Dana Dubose apparently was covered in blood and tried to lunged a knife at the officer. The guy was involved in an attack of his girlfriend Princess Brown in Cincinnati.

Two San Antonio Police officers were shot. One died. Inept police chief William McManus is under pressure to get his city under the control. The shooting occurred in a neighborhood where they spotted two people they wanted to question. The attacker fired upon the officers when they exited the patrol cruiser. The officers returned fire striking the attacker.

One officer was killed the other was badly injured in a torso wound.

With tensions at an all time high, people with issues will use their 2nd Amendment remedies against entities that they deem a threat to their lives.

CNN, Fox News and MSNBC have upped their security after the leader of this country posted that silly meme invoking violence on his official page.

CNN is facing a barrage of internet memes of Donald J. Trump attacking the network. This inept leader posted on official government page him tackling CNN, causing an uproar. He basically is advocating violence against journalists.

A journalist from the New York Times is getting death threats. The journalist found out that the person who made the meme is an alt-right troll who peddles in anti-Semitic behavior.
NYPD mourns the lost of Miosotis Familia. She was shot by a terrorist in an ambush attack.
The so-called Blue Lives Matter trolls are trending the death of a NYPD officer who was killed in an unprovoked attack. Already blaming others for the actions of one.

This type of political blame game is not helpful. It's destructive and ridiculous.

We barely know the motives of mass shooters. Why is it always someone else's fault for the actions of one?

Miosotis Familia was the officer killed. She leaves behind three children. This happened overnight and the agitators are trying to figure out the reasons this attacker went after this officer.

The attacker is named Alexander Bonds. He was out on bond for a robbery in Syracuse.  The attacker made terror threats against cops.

The terrorist will face murder and felonious assault with a deadly weapon. He will also face weapons violations. He is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The terrorist was killed.

Bill de Blasio and NYPD express shock and anger that this man would inflict harm on innocent human beings.

The right will immediately react in their hateful matter. Send their thoughts and prayers. Blame, blame and blame.

The usual "thoughts, prayers and condolences" come out. Then we talk about it for a few days and it fades away from the spotlight. Then another one and another one.

God isn't fixing this. There is no God.

Man can stop this. It's time to demand Congress to do something about gun violence. It's time for Congress to address police brutality. It's time for the United States to stop parading propaganda that puts Americans against each other.

We all are entitled to the very "freedoms" that this country gives. But how long will this nonsense go on?

Two weeks ago, NYPD Detectives harassed Black teens who were coming from a park with baseball bats. They claim that they were menacing. One of the detectives pulled a firearm on the teen recording him.



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