Saturday, July 15, 2017

Florida State Attorney Gets Razed By The Law!

Florida only Black state attorney was razed by the law.
The first Black state attorney for the state of Florida got razed by the cops. Body cam footage released this week shows Aramis Ayala being stopped by two Orlando cops.

The excuse was allegedly window tint.

The two cops were rocked by the notion that Ayala was a state attorney. It raised some eyebrows in the nation. Even a Black professional like Ayala was profiled by the cops.

Ayala, who gained national attention when she refuse to issue the death card on a terrorist who shot a police officer and a woman. A jilted boyfriend murdered a Orange County deputy and his estranged girlfriend. It ended at a local Walmart where he surrendered without shots fired.

Orlando was the scene of the worst mass shootings in the country. The Pulse Nightclub shooting elevated Ayala and those involved into the national spotlight.

The body camera video sparked outrage among some who say Ayala was pulled over due to racial profiling.

The traffic stop lasted two minutes and did not involve any shouting or raised voices. They claimed that they ran plates and pulled her over first for the vehicle not being registered.
Stay calm and don't make any sudden moves. Even a Black professional could be razed.
The state attorney was annoyed by the whole ordeal.

"Since its release, the video has had more than 2 million views and produced a flood of misinformation," said Ayala in a statement. "Including the filing of a lawsuit that is not true."

Ayala didn't violate any laws, and her license was properly registered.

"Although the traffic stop appears to be consistent with Florida law. My goal is to have a constructive and mutually respectful relationship between law enforcement and the community," she added in a statement.

She will have a talk with the John Mina, the chief of the Orlando Police to discuss the incident.

It's unfortunate that in America, even a Black professional is a "criminal" in the eyes of law enforcement.

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