Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Donald Trump, Jr. Spoke Russian!

Sonny boy! Donald Trump, Jr. met with Russian lawyer who had promised damaging information about Hillary Clinton.

The Russian collusion controversy continues. The inept leader of this country has continued to deny any foreign involvement. But the junk food media keep unraveling more damning stuff.

The New York Times released another bombshell. Donald J. Trump's son Donald, Jr. met a Russian lawyer in hopes of gaining damaging information about Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump, Jr. the inept leader's eldest son and CEO of the Trump Corporation was informed in advance that intelligence he gets from the Russian Federation would help his dad.

Natalia Vesenlnitskaya, is a hot lawyer. She went to a Trump event in 2016. July of last year to be exact. Remember Trump was saying on the campaign trail that he hopes Russians release them 33,000 private emails of Clinton.
Donald J. Trump meets with Rob Goldstone, the guy who arranged a meeting with Natalia Venelnitskaya, a Kremlin-appointed lawyer who promised damaging information about Hillary Clinton.
Rob Goldstone arranged the meeting between Trump's team and Russian officials.

Monday, the Times revealed that Trump was informed via email ahead of the meeting with an intel official close to the Kremlin.

Trump went to social media to dismiss the meeting as "nonsense."

Trump hired Alan Futerfas to represent him.

American intelligence agencies concluded the Russian government meddled in the election to benefit Donald J. Trump.

So Don, Jr., Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, Jeff Sessions, Roger Stone, Carter Page and Michael Flynn are under federal watch.

Trump tweeted a distraction. He complained that Senate Democrats are stalling his nominees and he thinks that America will get tired of "obstruction."

Well this "nothing burger" is starting sizzle.

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