Thursday, July 20, 2017

Breakfast With OJ!

The white extremists and the junk food media are going to be glued to their televisions and radios today. There will be a parole hearing to determine the outcome of Orenthal James Simpson, the former football star who was acquitted of murder of his ex-wife and her friend.

OJ Simpson was sentenced in 2008 for his role in a robbery in Las Vegas. He and his bodyguards tried to strong arm a shady dealer who had his stuff. He was convicted and ordered to serve 9 to 33 years in the iron college.

Today is his parole hearing. And of course, the junk food media will be covering it. They are hoping the Nevada State Board remembers Simpson.

The 70 year old former celebrity agitator is shunned by most WHITES because he was one of the few Blacks who beaten a murder rap. He was ordered to pay $35 million to the family of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

The family are gadflies. They hell bent on making Simpson's life miserable.

Every time Simpson was in the news, the Goldmans were there showing out.

I respect their right to grief and say what's on their mind, but damn, Simpson does deserves a fair hearing and has shown the board he is a model citizen.

If he was granted parole, he will be out in October. He said that he will return back to the private life and stay away from the junk food media.

Simpson has been an infamous figure in the junk food media. Since the murder trial, agitators from both sides have discussed the "Trial of the Century."

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