Thursday, July 27, 2017

Bill O'Reilly Hopes Somebody Hires His Dirty Ass!

Bill O'Reilly is still a washed up celebrity. The mighty O'Reilly is begging for someone to hire him. He was fired out the cannon over at Fox News for sexual harassment.
The former Fox News host is begging for someone to hire his dirty ass. The old fart is now resorted to YouTube and begging his supporters to pay a subscription to listen to him rant.

The former host of The O'Reilly Factor is now a washed up celebrity.

Bill O'Reilly hopes that the Sinclair Broadcasting Group hires him.

Rumors going around that O'Reilly, Tomi Lohren and Sean "Softball" Hannity are willing to help develop a new conservative network.

Gabriel Sherman who writes for Vanity Fair is getting unnamed sources to confirm that O'Reilly is begging like a homeless guy off the interstate.

Sinclair Broadcast Group is trying to purchase Tribune Media.

SBG is controversial. The media company is trying to turn local news into conservative propaganda.

Sinclair owns a large market of television stations. Most of their television program has commentary from right wing figures like Mark Hyman, Sheryl Attkinson and Boris Epshteyn.

O'Reilly's fate was sealed with Fox News after allegations surfaced that the network paid out an estimated $13 million for sexual harassment lawsuits.

Andrea Tantaros is suing Fox News and O'Reilly for getting her blackballed from appearing on rival networks. Tantaros is in the forefront of getting O'Reilly and others fired from the network. Gretchen Carlson was the one who nearly brought Fox News down.

O'Reilly does these podcast and sometimes streams them online with a video attached to it.

O'Reilly now comes on The Glenn Beck Program on Fridays to do commentary. He also done a few appearances on Newsmax TV.

From the mighty titan to a nobody with a blog.

Bill O'Reilly's fall from grace destroyed him. It destroyed him and he's blame the "far left precients" for his sexism, racism, and utter ignorance.

I guess his next book will be titled, "Killing My Career!"

Here's one of his podcast with former Fox News contributor Bernie Goldberg.

By the way MSNBC beats Fox News in the ratings for the first time.

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