Saturday, June 24, 2017

White Extremist Revved Through Trump Protesters!

San Francisco protesters were disrupted by a motorcyclist who wanted to rev through the "die in" against Trumpcare.

When will Sean "Softball" Hannity talk about the violence caused by Trump supporters?

Remember that "lumpy" softball laughed when Donald J. Trump was reading off Sen. Lindsey Graham's (R-SC) phone number. Graham got death threats and had to actually change his phone number.

The official softball of Donald J. Trump has been actively beyotching about how these progressive agitators are making it dangerous for politicians. Never seen the softball call out Trump for saying he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue in New York and people will support him.

Well in San Francisco, a 39 year old bodybuilder and porn business executive is being charged with reckless driving. His name is Jeff Dillon and he will be arraigned in San Francisco city court.

Dillon is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

He revved his motorcycle and drove through a crowd of protesters who were against the American Health Care Act (aka Trumpcare).
Meathead bodybuilder and porn actor tries to run through a protest rally against Trump.
According to The Daily Mail, he is a hardcore Trump supporter and has ties to white extremism. He belonged to a Facebook group called, White Privilege Club.

He dubbed himself, "the Dillionaire" and is the owner of Gamelink, a virtual online porn website.

He says he ain't a racist. He is married to an Asian woman.

Mind you White men, women, Asian men and women are racist towards Blacks.

He peeled through a "die in" near a federal courthouse, city hall and his business. He didn't hurt anyone but it was frightening. He was apprehended and booked into lookup before he was released.

Yeah, I heard Johnny Depp was in the news. He was in the United Kingdom and say some offensive things about Trump.

Depp caused an uproar about the leader. He said jokingly it would be interesting an actor assassinate a president. The conservatives were outraged over that.

Depp apologized for the comments.

Mind you, Trump said that he wants to eliminate "political correctness" from the dialogue. I guess it only applies to conservatives. Because they get worked up over them progressives not being politically correct.

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S B said...

Ain't that the truth. Those alt-right/right wing sympathizers hide their antiblack racism behind their Asian spouse/girlfriend. It's a trend among white supremacists to have an Asian(East, not South Asian because South Asians are beneath them according to them)/Eastern European spouses, spew out anti Black, anti Latino/a, Antisemitic, Anti-Middle Eastern/Arab/South Asian, anti Native American, antifeminist, anti Muslim rhetoric, while denying that they're bigots when in reality they truly are.

Here's a blog that chronicles the daily bigotry of some right wing men with East Asian wives and Children. The blog is called Half Asian Reality. That blog really opened my eyes to the motivations of some white supremacists with East Asian wives while spewing the most antiblack hate.


Trigger Warning: This is not for the faint of heart nor those who insist on colorblindness in IRs.



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