Monday, June 19, 2017

What Happened To Charleena Lyles?

Seattle PD kills a mother after she called them on an apparent robbery attempt.
It's not even safe to call the law.....especially if you're the one reporting a crime.

Expect more police officers killing people of color.

The frustration of cops getting away with murder may spark a violent backlash against them and those who support them.

Seattle Police shot and killed a 30-year old woman who had called the law to report an attempted burglary and then displayed a knife.

This happened on Sunday morning when Charleena Lyles called the police to report an attempted burglary at the Magnuson Park apartment.

Family members said that she was several months pregnant and had struggled with mental illness.

The officers who shot her were white. They were placed in the freezer pending an investigation regarding if use of force was necessary.

The incident comes four days after Lyles was released from the King County lockup following an arrest on June 5 for threatening officers with large kitchen scissors.

During a tense standoff with officers. two of whom had weapons drawn, the woman told the police they were "devils and members of the KKK" according to HuffPost.

The U.S. Justice Department has been watching Seattle P.D. since 2012. It's been accused of using excessive force and unnecessary deadly force often against mentally ill and drug abusers.

Seattle mayor express regret and hopes for the community to understand. Ed Murray expressed sorrow for Lyles' family, however he believes police had justifiable use of force.

"Today's incident is a tragedy for all involved. My thoughts are with the many people impacted, including the three children and the responding officers. Our historic police reforms, from deescalation training ato civilian-monitored force review, are in place to address such crises. This will be fully investigated. The quality and integrity of the investigation will be reviewed by the federal monitoring team supervising our consent decree.We will work collectively with our consent decree partners and the Community Police Commission to ensure transparency throughout this process and offer support where needed."

It's getting hot! Really hot!

We're seeing the beginning of a potential catalysis of racial violence and potential terrorists attacks.

Police officers killing people of color for no just reason. Even when the threat was minimal, the police use deadly force. C'mon, if the woman wasn't lunging at the cops, she shouldn't have been shot.

It's almost impossible for a cop to be charged with a murder. The cops often justify their use of deadly force by saying they feared for their lives.

I swear. Good cops will die because of bad cops.

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ParhamGhavami said...

I read this story today in awe! and am still shocked!!
I was the pediatrician for Ms. Lyle's children and had many interactions with Ms. Lyle. She had always been pleasant and respectful.
One can not comment about her mental status the day of the incident, but I can confidently say that( considering her petite stature, although they report she was pregnant, still ..) any officer who will need to use firearm to subdue her even with knife, has no business being a policeman and should be fired for incompetence!
I am suspecting racial reasons for the incident as well.
Very sad day!! She did not deserve to be shot considering she was NOT armed.
Yes knife could be a weapon in the hand of a trained soldier but not a pregnant woman!! If you read this comment and you are a family member, my condolences and God give you patience and forgiveness.
Please let me if I could be of any help. I am not in Seattle anymore unfortunately.


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