Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Bat And The Softball!

So once again, the two of the most controversial figures in the junk food media are feuding again. And I hate to say this, but I agree with one of them on an issue that bothered me.

Sean "Softball" Hannity is being taken seriously. His right wing carnival is a nonstop barrage of media bashing and unprecedented Trump ass kissing. I could not stomach the 3 hours of radio and 1 hour of television. The softball is a walking, talking and tweeting right wing word vomit.

He spent most of his program bashing former President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the junk food media. He is obsessed with CNN and MSNBC over their coverage of Trump and his alleged Russian collusion. All the while, he failed to discuss the Republicans pulling back their healthcare bill. He failed to cover the number of unemployment claims on the rise. He failed to discuss Trump praising a cabinet member who was a former Goldman Sachs president.

This got the attention of Ann Coulter. She was pissed that the softball cut her segment for "time constraints." What got Coulter heated was Trump's failed promise to build the Great Border Wall, his cozying to the Republican establishment, and his "rich people around me" remark.

The so-called blue collared billionaire is still acting like a billionaire.

Coulter is calling out Trump for failing to live up to the hype. She also is saying to conservatives, don't listen to Sean "Softball" Hannity.

When Hillary Clinton was running, the softball, Trump and the Bernie Sanders campaign ran whisper rumors about her ties to the banking firm.

It tied Clinton to big banks and Wall Street.

Trump promised to be the leader of the middle class. That failed, bigly.

Coulter calls Trump a puppet of the establishment.

Coulter wrote, "Hearing that, these devoted Trump voters called him 'two-faced,' a 'puppet' and sadly remarked, 'It's going to be a lot of the same old garbage.'"
Ann Coulter is a moon bat.
Coulter slams Trump's picks of Treasury former South Carolina congressman Steve Mnunchin who was a Goldman Sachs executive. Also she noted that Executive Adviser Gary Cohen and Deputy National Security Adviser Dina Powell are former Goldman Sachs executives.

She slams the softball for his blind support of Trump. She said "bless his heat. He has the zeal of the late Trump convert. He would endorse communism if Trump decided to implement the policies of "The Communist Manifesto."

On his show last Thursday, the softball wanted Coulter to defend Trump's "rich person" remarks about Cohn, She wouldn't take the role of being an apologist.

"As I told Hannity (in the pre-taped, and later edited, interview): 'He's also never gotten a job from Goldman Sachs. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross created jobs. Donald Trump created jobs. Goldman Sachs doesn't create jobs. The geniuses of Goldman specialize in generating obscene salaries for themselves while helping send American jobs abroad,'" said Coulter.

Coulter added, "Trump said he wanted rich people to do for the country what they had done for themselves. Here's what Gary Cohn did for himself: He oversaw the mortgage department at Goldman Sachs in the run-up to Wall Street blowing up the economy with the 2008 mortgage meltdown."

Coulter is correct for once. She called out Trump for being in the pockets of Wall Street.

Coulter is not letting her "friend" overlook this. Her friend responds in his usual man-child fashion.

They consider themselves the biggest supporters of the world's most unpopular leader Donald J. Trump.

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