Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sigh! 😞

Conservatives are racist, plain and simple.

Wow, people actually visit our blog! I am surprised.

Once again, I come back to address the trolls online who decide to leave us comments based on the latest issues facing our community, the government and the junk food media. I am always thankful to S.B for giving me an opportunity to post on World News Today.

No doubt.

But as we get stronger, there are those who can't stand the strength. So they'll try to undermine us by resorting to the childish name-calling and bot-like behavior.

Reminder to those who read this blog.






So here I go off again! I have to read the word vomit of an anonymous troll. So I will address these comments in a honest fashion. I will make sure that I get my point out without wasting anymore time addressing it. Usually I delete the comments and move on. But I guess this troll is a frequent reader of the blog.

So I will be ready to address this in my usual matter.

Get your magnifying glass and start reading this nonsense.

Anonymous said...
You are one fucked up asshole. In the leaked document it does not say voting machines or anything else was hacked. You are the hack. The document alleges Russia tried but failed. Do you have any reading comprehension at all? Or are you just a typical brain dead Liberal that is lost in alternative universe? This woman is a traitor and she has already confessed she did what she has been arrested for. Releasing top secret documents will get you plenty of time in jail. I hope this Benedict Arnold spends many years in prison. Go fuck yourself you brainless Librtard.
Anonymous said...

C'mon guys, lighten up. I've NEVER been a Maher fan but sometimes he's brilliant. Anyone who'se seen Gone With the Wind remembers the commentary between two slaves where a clear distinction is made between the work done in the fields and household work. The workers were trained for either house work or field work and never switched roles. Maher was alluding to a discussion between two slaves where one exclaimed he could never work in the fields because he "was a house nigger." I thought Maher's reference was hilarious because it was so appropriate when he was invited to work in the fields.

Everyone needs to lighten up and get off this PC kick. Rather than helping race relations it's doing the opposite. I'm surprised the left hasn't caught onto the bill of goods they have been sold by the likes of Saul Alynski and other communists trying to bring this country down.
Thank you for reading World News Today. It's an honor that we have your attention. So you have a problem with the postings?

You call us names. Oh, my feelings are hurt. I am right now crawling into my safe space saying "I'm not a fucked up asshole! I'm not a fucked up asshole!"

You're saying that I am one fucked up asshole. Yeah, I am! I am wasting my time responding to you. I should not waste a keystroke responding to a nobody.

You're pissed that we posted on the NSA contractor Reality Winner. She is being held on charges with unlawful disclosure of national intelligence. She is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Reading comprehension, huh?

Wow, this surreal. I'm a brain-dead liberal! Sure, whatever.

This is coming from a racist conservative who's too afraid to leave a name. Just a drive-by insult on a Black blog. A truly bitch move by some nobody. Yeah, you're a nobody!

No one asked you to read our blog. This childish name-calling already exposed you.

Libertard: How old are you?

What school did you flunk out of? I know you certainly didn't go to college or any trade school.

Calling Winner a Benedict Arnold is an opinion sparked by reactionary folks like you. I believe in the justice system and due process. I thought you conservatives believe in the justice system. You act like you're the king of morality. What Winner did was criminal. She didn't kill no one and didn't betray the United States by aiding a foreign enemy. She gave classified information to The Intercept.

Last time I've checked, The Intercept is a website that deals with journalism and opinion.

About this Bill Maher controversy. White people saying NIGGER is wrong, period.

We should lighten up!

We need to get off that PC stuff. Okay. Fine.

Have it your way!

From this point, I say that all conservatives are racist. They are emboldened in the flag of hate, bigotry, Islamophobia, homophobia, and sexism. Conservatives are anti-science, anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant and anti-Black. Conservatives are not a part of the Civil Rights movement.

Conservatives have no claim on any Black leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr., Booker T. Washington, and Frederick Douglass.

Conservatives aren't friends of the Black community. Conservatives line up token NEGROS to shuck and jive. These NEGROS support racists like Pat Buchanan, Bill O'Reilly, Matt Drudge, George Will, Tucker Carlson, Ann Coulter and Sean "Softball" Hannity.

The Resistance is real. I promise you, we're working hard to make sure Donald J. Trump is a one term whatever the fuck he calls himself.

He doesn't deserve the title and he certainly won't receive any respect from me. No matter what he does.

Bill Maher is a comedian. He may be a liberal on social issues, but he's been a libertarian most of his adult life. He believes that saying NIGGER is cool. And for him to latch on a Black woman or two, doesn't give him the right to use that word.

I don't call White people racial slurs.

However, I am wide awake and understanding of how White people are always trying to undermine Black men, women and people of color.

I used to call the Republican Party the party of cocaine. I believed the party is 90% WHITE and 10% whatever else their mixing into it. I think it's heroin. Because they're having a speed ball of ignorance and they're spazzing out. I will refer to Republicans as the party of heroin.

I guess from this point, I expect this anonymous troll to comment sometime in the future about any of mine or S.B's posts. We'll be waiting on them.

We're starting to get more attention now that Donald J. Trump is the leader of this stupid country.

Racist trolls often come to Black blogs to start trouble. They often will try to undermine us by intimidating us with rhetoric. Then threaten our lives with these ignorant death threats. They'll try to call us every name out the book. They don't consider us human.

And you know what, I don't care!

The best way to defeat a troll is to ignore them. Keep fighting and don't ever look back.

I know that I'm far from perfect. But it doesn't stop me from blogging. It doesn't stop me from being a father to my son. It doesn't stop me from being honest about this country and this truly awful man who is leading it.

So call us names all you want, troll!

Great honor to delete your bullshit and move forward. I don't know you personally, but I bet you that you're not liked among people. I can tell that you spend countless hours and days trying to debate them "oh so liberal" agitators and those Black people who have an opinion. You troll blogs such as this one because it's "A BLACK BLOG."

And we'll continue to do so until the blog stops.

That's why it's great to post on a blog. We expect this stuff. Thank you for reading. I don't agree with you and I don't have to call you names to say that. I don't have to keep promises either. That's the only response that matters to you. You can call it an insult on your intelligence or name calling. It doesn't matter.

The rest is just me venting.

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