Sunday, June 25, 2017

Safaree: Meek Mill Still Trying To Fit In Them Big Boy Shoes!

Reality television star and singer Safaree was jumped by Meek Mill's crew. The rapper denies the altercation but all signs point to him because the two used to date Nicki Minaj.
Every year, BET hosts their award show. And it never shies from controversy. The BET Awards are on tonight. I won't watch it. I don't care about it. If anything newsworthy comes up, I'll post it on World News Today. Nonetheless, this is a part of the controversies that plague the BET Awards.

America's favorite punching bag is accused of jumping his old girl's old man!

This video that circulated online featured two former flames of pop star Nicki Minaj. The female emcee and entertainer had dated both R&B singer Safaree and Philly MC, Meek Mill.

Somehow the two crossed paths and Safaree almost got a helping of "knuckle style chili."

The allegations that Meek Mill's crew jumped Safaree quickly became internet memes.
Meek know nothing!
Celebrity agitator DJ Self, greeted the entertainer before an unknown man came out of nowhere and served him up.

Meek Mill denies the altercation and says that's not his fault that "dude got served."

Meek Mill was spotted by TMZ in Beverly Hills. He was asked about the incident. "Who?," said the rapper. "Ain't no beef," he later added. "I don't know how they got us confused with that type of stuff."

Safaree Samuels has some choice words for the rapper.

"I understand your place of desperation and wanting acknowledgement from me," he said. "One day, we can hug it out and we can shake hands, and we can be friends. Until then, you'll just have to watch me rise from where you are. I feel that is what is hurting some of these people's hearts."

The two were supposed to appear at DJ Khaled's pre-BET party and the altercation happened.

So far, what's your thoughts on this?

Juvenile or real grown folk business!

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