Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Otto Warmbier Passed Away!

American man dies in Ohio after brutal treatment by North Korea. 
The American student who was detained in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) died yesterday. The news broke overnight that Otto Warmbier was taken off life support after the doctors at University of Cincinnati hospital declared him "brain dead."

Warmbier was released from North Korea after being served 15 in the work house. He was accused of taking propaganda from a hotel. He was a part of this foreign exchange that allowed Americans to visit the country with a watchful eye.

Allegations of torture and a heart attack lead to Warmbier's condition. The Korean government claimed that he gotten ill from botulism.

Warmbier's death got the attention of the "👐" and he's livid.

Donald J. Trump called upon the American military to engage a watchful eye towards the peninsula.

Trump wants to bring an aggressive approach towards DPK and is driving China into the fray.

The stupid ass leader of this country is pushing the world to the brink of war yet again. He already is dealing with the deaths of seven Navy members after a cargo ship crashed into the U.S.S. Fitzgerald.

Warmbier was formerly a student of the University of Virginia. He was a resident of Cincinnati.

It frustrates me that Trump didn't speak out on the deaths of Philando Castile and Nebra Hassanen.
Young leader Kim Jong-Un faces off with old inept leader Donald J. Trump over nuclear weapons and the death of Otto Warmbier.
He can speak out about a man who was tortured by a foreign government's forces, but not an American girl's brutal attack by a terrorist because she was a Muslim. He tries to force a foreign government to intervene in another country's way of life, but refuse to force Congress to push for police reform, tougher penalties for hate crimes and stricter gun control laws.

He hasn't spoken out on the unrest that is looming in Minneapolis/St. Paul and soon Cincinnati.

Warmbeir is from the area where a man of color was killed. Sam DuBose's killer could walk free because he's a cop too.

Where's Trump and the Republicans when it comes to brutal treatment of people here in the United States?

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