Saturday, June 10, 2017

Ice Cube: Maher Can't Change Because Of An Apology!

An OG schools a comedian on how to be Black. Ice Cube came on to Bill Maher's show to discuss the comedian's use of the n-word in an interview with a Republican senator.

Bill Maher comes back to television to actually go against one of his principles he stood by as a libertarian. He actually apologized for fucking up.

On Real Time with Bill Maher, he featured guests who were outraged by the comments he spoke over a week ago.

A week ago, Maher was interviewing Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) on Real Time. When the senator was joking about having Maher plow the fields, he said that it was not a "field NIGGER!"

That sparked a week of outrage. And now Maher is still facing calls for a cannon firing despite his apology. He knows that if the controversy continues on, he could lose his show.

Ice Cube and Dr. Michael Eric Dyson who appeared on the show mulitple times had to address this.

Maher invites them on to discuss his transgressions.

As Ice Cube came on to discussed his reissue of his album Death Certificate, Maher got a verbal lashing from the entertainer and OG of gangsta rap.

Death Certificate, the prolific album that dealt with racism, white privilege, his bond to Islam and the life past N.W.A., his groundbreaking rap group.

Ice Cube said it best. "That's our word, and you can't have it back!"

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN), a former comedian, entertainer and now lawmaker cancelled his appearances with Maher and Kathy Griffin.

Franken had second thoughts about the show. He was already dealing with Griffin acting a fool with the photo of her mocking a decapitated head of the Donald J. Trump.

Franken called "inappropriate and offensive."

Activist Symone Sanders said to Maher, that his words are not only offensive to Black people but the Black women. She said that Black women had to suffer rape, brutalizing torture and the reference to "House NIGGER" is more harsh to Black women.

Also featured was MSNBC contributor former Republican lawmaker David Jolly and CNN's David Gregory, a political analysis.

So here's a quick poll.

Do you believe Bill Maher will survive this latest controversy?

Yeah. Bill Maher publicly apologized for his comments and regrets ever saying them. Maher will still have to prove to his viewers and supporters that things will change?
No. If you can go after Sean "Softball" Hannity's advertisers for investigating the murder of Seth Rich, Maher should pay the price as well. Conservatives often are targeted for the same stuff. Progressives say racially offensive terms too. Why Blacks don't get offended by this?
Yeah. It's was comedy. We make too much of a big deal when it comes to comedians. It was on HBO, so it was expected to be unfiltered. Blacks say the word all the time. If you want to end saying it, why can't blacks bury it?
No. As a person of color, I object to any White person saying that word. I know that he apologized, but he's gotten away with other things as well. He won't get a pass from me. Just think about the things he said about Blacks, Muslims and women. He apologized now knowing this could be his final season on HBO if he can't calm the storm.
I don't watch Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO or YouTube.
Do Quizzes

Can this be a teachable moment for Maher? Do you actually believe he'll change after this scandal?

Here's a bonus. Wayne Brady said back in 2014, if Bill Maher ever said a racially offensive thing to him, he could lay his ass flat.

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