Friday, June 16, 2017

Did Russia Kill Abu Bakr al-Bagdhdadi?

Islamic State leader Abu Bake al-Baghdadi may have been killed.
It seems like the Russians are claiming credit for the death of the Islamic State's leader. The strike happened in Raqqa, Syria.

Wondering if the Republicans and their leader Donald J. Trump will give praise to Russia for the airstrike?

Will they usually doubt the strike?

Or will they blame Barack Obama for not getting him in the first place?

Anyway, the Islamic State of the Levant is a Sunni militant group that has recruited individuals to take to arms against oppressive regimes and anti-Islamic sentiment in the West. They are classified as terrorist by the Western junk food media.

The group had maintained strength in Syria and Iraq/ The group also expanded influence into Egypt, Libya, the Philippines,Yemen, Afghanistan, Iran, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and the United States.

Its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is the de facto leader of the organization. He is a 40-something year old man who was then a part of the resistance against the United States military in the Iraqi War.

Born Ibrahim Awwadty Ibrahiam Ali Muhammad al-Badri al-Sammarrai, the leader of this group has been relentless. He captured in Iraq back in 2004 near Fallujah. He was detained and imprisoned at Abu Ghraib and Camp Bucca.

He was released in 2004 as a low level detainee. Conservatives claim he was detained until 2009.

Of course in their minds, it's a swipe at Barack Obama because he took over as President of the United States after George W. Bush.

There was no initial independent confirmation that the leader was killed. The U.S.-military leading in the coalition to take him out can't confirm the death. Iraqi officials are skeptical of the death.

Of course, in this blood thirsty country, the United States want pictures of a bloody carcass.

If this is proven true, this will be a big blow to the Islamic State.

Yeah, that's what they've said about Osama bin Laden and yet al Qaeda still exist and is really excited that Donald J. Trump is the leader. They will find ways to inspire more militant attacks against the West. Of course, they don't want to infiltrate from Syria and the Muslim nations, Trump is trying to impose his Muslim ban on.

The Islamic State wants American born Muslims to take to arms.

Russian state media claims that the United States was notified of the airstrikes. The Russians claim 30 field commanders and 300 personal guards were killed in a massive airstrike.

The United States constantly killed deputies and "second-in-commands." They came extremely close to killing al-Bahdadi.

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