Friday, June 30, 2017

Deadly Road Rage In The Philly!

Bianca Roberson was a beautiful life lost to gun violence.


The FBI, West Goshen and Philadelphia Police are searching for the driver who used his Second Amendment remedies on a young teen who was on the verge of starting college.

This beautiful young woman's life taken away by a callous driver.

An accidental merging mistake cost a beautiful Black woman

I rather call this person a terrorist. He knew he was capable of destroying lives.

The law initially thought the vehicle crashed into a tree was a fatal out of control.

Upon looking they realized it was a cold blooded murder. It was done by a motorist who may of had rage on the road and hate in his heart.

He used his rights to take out a life.
Evil man kills aspiring college student.
After all he carried his FIREARM in the car. Pennsylvania is an open carry state.

Bianca Roberson was only 18 years old. The terrorist shot her a point blank range and it was picked up by traffic cameras. The family was "excited" Bianca was going to college at Jacksonville University. They are upset this cold blooded killer stole her dreams to attend college.

The terrorist was described as a White male between the age of 30 to 40, driving a red Chevrolet pickup truck. The incident happened on U.S. Highway 202 in Chester County.

When caught the terrorist will face aggravated manslaughter and it could carry LIFE or DEATH in Pennsylvania.

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