Sunday, June 04, 2017

Constantly: Terrorism Hits London!

Terrorism hits London and Donald Trump embarrass America by his tepid comments. He acts like an fucking idiot.

Expect more.

Leaders are coming together to aid in support for a terrorist attack in the heart of a historical world city. Only one leader decided to use this tragedy to showboat.


The Brits had another terrorist attack in the heart of kingdom. The global center of the world besides New York is London. And in London there were a series of attacks that led to the deaths of nearly 10 and mulitple causalities.

A series of attacks started from a vehicle attack to numerous stabbing events.

Also our inept leader insults the Brits by mocking London's first Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan.

Khan is assured that the people involved will be caught. He assured that the heavy police presence is no reason for an alarm. Our inept leader Donald J. Trump took to social media to insult the Londoners and mayor. He also wanted to reignite this religious travel ban he's been trying to get through the Court.

As Ariana Grande and numerous entertainers come together to promote peace and love, Trump and the supporters of the Islamic State will continue to bring everyone down to their level.

The attack occurred at the late night. The attackers struck pedestrians on the famed London Bridge.

They would get out the vehicle and start charging at the Borough Market stabbing people.

Theresa May urged Brits to say something if they suspect any form of terrorism.

Again, instead of pointing fingers at one another, how about we try to stop it by reporting suspicious activity. Understand that we are human beings. We are inspired by activities. Terrorism can't be blamed on Muslims.

The NICE GUY is the most dangerous threat in the world. When you're shunned, spurned, abused or discriminated by society, that nice guy could be inspired to destroy the lives of people who done the nice guy wrong.

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