Monday, June 05, 2017

Bloated Bigot Hank Williams, Jr. Rehired By ESPN And The NFL!

"NO POLITICS" ESPN rehires racist jackass Hank Williams, Jr. and the NFL approves it.
Rewarding racism?

Bocephus is ready for some football. However, activists are ready for some boycotts against him, ESPN and the National Football League.

Hank Williams, Jr. was fired out the cannon with ESPN and the NFL when back in 2011, Williams compared then president Barack Obama to Hitler. He claimed that Obama was a Muslim who hated the cowboys, the cowgirls, the military and real Americans. Williams said Obama runs around with the gays.

ESPN had blocked him for good. Turns out the block was a mere fence his lazy drunk ass jumped over.

ESPN said that Williams will bring his rowdy friends back to Monday Night Football.

And he will debut his new version of his song "All My Rowdy Friends."

The New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings will play on September 11th.

ESPN pulled the song and fired his ass out the cannon after he went on Fox News to bash Obama, then vice president Joe Biden, Ohio governor John Kasich and then House Speaker John Boehner as a bunch of stooges. He said that Obama and Biden were the "enemy."

In regards to Boehner, Williams said it was like Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu meeting Adolf Hitler.

Activists are slamming the decision. They believe that a double standard is afoot. If you can allow this White extremist perform, why can't Colin Kaepernick perform on the field?

Kaepernick never called Obama or even Donald J. Trump, Hitler.

As usual, racist trolls will start attacking this blog and others for calling out their white messiah. They will applaud this decision because it's beneficial to allow this asshole to stick one in the eyes of liberals. To allow this white extremist perform in front of Black athletes, Black coaches and Black viewers of ESPN's Monday Night Football is disgusting and a fucking insult on this country.



If they can go after Kathy Griffin, Bill Maher, Sean "Softball" Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and Milo Yiannopolous, then they should go after Williams as well!

It's time to stop rationalizing racism. It's time to stop rationalizing this behavior.

Resist the bigot! ESPN Drop Hank Williams, Jr. Now!


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