Tuesday, June 06, 2017

And What Now?

Another terrorist murders innocent Americans. Unfortunately, they don't talk about this because the shooter isn't a Muslim.


When the inept leader went to social media to blast the mayor of London for handling of the terrorist attack that happened over the weekend, he mentioned guns.

He tried to denounce the issue with the attackers using machetes and trucks.

"Do you notice we are not having a gun debate right now? That's because they used knives and a truck!"

Well on Monday, a terrorist attack happened in the United States. It wasn't a Muslim.

It was a White guy who had easy access to firearms. The nice guy who was spurn by his employer. The nice guy who going through tough times. A nice guy who served for his country in the military. A nice guy who had PTSD and a firearm. The most dangerous person is the nice guy with a firearm.

Mind you he's a White guy. No talk about travel bans. No talk about this guy being a thug. No talk about who takes the blame?
Terrorist murdered his boss and his co-workers after he was fired out the cannon in April.
And conservatives are still worked up over "radical Islam".

Not radical White extremism.

No one is talking about the incident in Orlando.It was workplace violence when its done by a White person. Remember San Bernadino shooter was an employee of the city. The Fort Hood shooter was a member of the military. They shot at their employers. But that's terrorism, right?

John Robert Neumann was the 45-year old terrorist who murdered five people at a local business in the city. The Army veteran was fired out the cannon in April and decided to instigate revenge on his employers.

He killed Kevin Clark, the manager of the RV awing company Fianma Inc.

The other victims include Robert Snyder, Brenda Montanez-Crespo, Jeffery Roberts and Kevin Lawson.

The terrorist is a veteran with a lengthy criminal history. Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings said that the terrorist used his firearm to murder his former co-workers before he went out like a punk.

Demings is the husband of Rep. Val Demings (D-FL). She, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL), Gov. Rick Scott and Donald J. Trump were notified on Monday of the shooting.

We're coming up to the first year anniversary of the Pulse Niteclub shooting. This was the most deadliest mass shooting in the United States. Over 49 victims and the terrorist Omar Mateen were killed.

Nothing is being done. Gun crimes will continue to plague the United States and our inept leaders continue to allow it to happen.

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