Friday, June 02, 2017

ACORN Pimp Served Again!

It's getting harder for ACORN pimp James Keefe to pull off successful "sting" operations. He often faces lawsuits when he does them.
The defiant founder of Project Veritas is facing another lawsuit. James O'Keefe and his organization are facing a federal lawsuit filed on behalf of Robert Creamer, the former advisor of Democracy Partners, the organization that was secretly filmed by O'Keefe during the 2016 elections.

Creamer and Scott Foval were seen in a video depicting them as instigators of violence.

O'Keefe was trying to insulate Democratic operatives were trying to start fights at Trump rallies.

It got play on Sean "Softball" Hannity's program before Fox News cut it short for credibility.

They are seeking a $1 million in punitive damages.
Everyone knows who Allison Maass is. She tried to sting five Democratic affiliated groups. She failed miserably.
O'Keefe is a former federal intern who was caught trying to bug then senator Mary Landrieu's office in New Orleans.

He, Hannah Giles, and the late Andrew Breitbart were ordered to pay the employees of ACORN after they infiltrated the organization trying to pose as a pimp and prostitute. They weren't dress like that but the video implicated they were using deceptive tactics to record workers doing their jobs.

As an agent provocateur, O'Keefe and his crack team of college dropouts are often trying to expose progressives as the real threat to democracy.

O'Keefe and Allison Maass are named in this lawsuit.

"Basically James O'Keefe and Allison Maass were modern-day Watergate burglars. They used fraud to get Maass a position as an intern at Democracy Partners so they could steal documents and secretly videotape conversations," said Joe Sandler, the lawyer who represents Creamer and Foval.

"There is no question that, in doing so, they violated federal and DC law and should be held liable for the damages suffered by our clients as a result."

O'Keefe said on radio and to the junk food media, "We will not be intimidated. We will not be silenced. We will find out who is funding this lawsuit. We will never stop exposing the truth. We will not back down."

If he gets caught up again in a federal case, he could lose his rights to own an electronic device.

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