Sunday, May 07, 2017

Would You Want This Done To Your Child?

Ohio woman working for a Head Start company fired out the cannon after being caught on camera dragging a child down the hallway.
An Ohio teacher was fired out the cannon after she was spotted by her co-worker dragging a little girl on the floor. In the rust belt city of Youngstown, a teacher was caught doing the unthinkable.

She was dragging a young Black girl down the hallway by the arm.

The teacher, who worked with children at the Mahoning County Head Start was employed by the Alta Care Group, a non-profit company that services in early education.

The teacher wasn't outed by social media yet. I am betting that she was scrubbing her name off Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram. Cause if she's found, I expect she'll be getting death threats and scorn.

The head of Alto said that this behavior by this teacher was unacceptable.

"I want to make sure it is clear that the individual who was terminated does not reflect the values of the dedicated and skilled professionals at Alta Head Start," said Joe Shorokey, the CEO of the company.

"These fine teachers and aides should not be unfairly portrayed as anything less because of the person terminated."

This was taken seriously. I mean once this hit social media, everyone commented on it. I am assuming that the company faced a backlash. I am assuming that the children services was notified.

This teacher probably done this to other children but this was the first time she was caught doing it.

Youngstown City Schools and Mahoning Child Services were aware of this. They may terminate the contract with Alta if there were reported incidents besides this one.

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