Sunday, May 21, 2017

This Ignorant Beeyotch Serves Knuckle Style Chili At A Lyft Driver!

Lyft driver was served a helping of knuckle style chili by an ignorant rider. 

This racist beeyotch serves a Lyft driver a serving of knuckle style chili in Florida. The driver was a Black woman and the server was a White woman. As with most Lyft and Uber drivers, the risk of picking up strangers is extremely dangerous. The strangers under the influence of alcohol and drugs are extremely dangerous.

Michelle Jennings was a victim of this. Michelle picked up this rider who apparently was drunk.

The rider was acting a complete fool inside Michelle's car.

Michelle told the junk food media in the Tampa Bay area that this woman was totally out of line. She ripped apart her headrest and blew her nose in it and then started attacking her because of her race.

This happened in April and it viral when she posted it on social media. This happened in St. Petersburg, Florida. The rider wiped her nose on the backseat headrest after she complained that Michelle had no napkins or tissues for her nose.

Michelle was smart. She kept a camera at the ready and was filming this woman berate her because of her "skin color."

"You're kicking me out just because I don't have the same skin color as you, bitch!"
This nasty woman claimed Lyft driver Michelle Jennings was being a racist for kicking her drunk ass out of her car. She was identified as Stephanie Young.
As Michelle was ending the trip, she told the rider to get out her car. The rider got belligerent and started coughing on Michelle. The rider then reached up and slapped Michelle.

Michelle resisted.and tried to stop her from getting near her. A security guard comes to the window and Michelle is asking for her to call the police. At that point, that rider started to spit on her and attack her.

Then Michelle escaped leaving the camera running.

Michelle had her head ripped out, a fingernail broken, cuts and bruises.

Lyft is investigating the situation and it's likely that the rider is going to be "iced."

The rider was identified as Stephanie Young.

Hey, Stephanie Young: Expect death threats.

She will be likely charged with battery and public intoxication. Young is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Lyft and Uber face a bunch of controversy. As a Lyft and Uber driver, I have to deal with this nonsense every night I decide to use my vehicle as a taxiing service for those who need ride.

Don't get me wrong, It's fun and great conversations. However, the taxes owed, the potential of extremely slow nights, the destruction of your car, the ratings and the miles placed on your car can really make you rethink about that "side-hustle."

Michelle. Stay strong, beautiful and Black. We got your back and we hope this experience will get Lyft to change their policies on picking up riders who pose a safety to drivers.

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