Friday, May 12, 2017

The Right Smears Linda Sarsour!

Linda Sarsour is being smeared by the right for speaking out against injustices caused by Israel.
The conservatives are trying to "MILO" a progressive activist. The controversial British born, gay White extremist Milo Yiannopoulos was shut down after a video surfaced of him embracing pedophillia. He was fired out the cannon at Breitbart News. He lost his 7-figure book deal. He lost a spot at the Conservative Political Action Conference. He is barely getting attention other than massive protests against him speaking at colleges.

Now him and Ann Coulter embrace this White Extremist movement known as the "alt-right."

Donald J. Trump credits his victory to these individuals who sparked a campaign to dismantle Hillary Clinton, the world's pick for president. With help from Russian hackers, this White extremist movement pushed narratives that White people are under attack from "the other."

With the cannon firings of Yiannopoulos, Tomi Lahren, Stacey Dash, Bill O'Reilly, Roger Ailes, and Bill Shine, conservatives are trying their best to get some retribution.

So there's boycotts against CBS because of Stephen Colbert's jokes.

Bill Maher's Real Time is facing criticism after he made a snark about Ivanka Trump and her daddy's creepy relationship.

Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell, Chris Hayes, Jake Tapper, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski faces Trump's venom.

His allies are trying to change the subject off the Russian hacking and unceremonious cannon firing of James Comey, the former FBI director.
Sean "Softball" Hannity is one lumpy ball. 
Sean "Softball" Hannity is the most condescending and most fucking annoying agitator in the junk food media. He got a "thrill up his leg" when it comes to Trump. He is the official softball of the Donald J. Trump corporation. The softball spent a portion of his right wing carnival bashing a Muslim woman who is an activist in New York City.

The City University of New York (CUNY) invited Linda Sarsour as commencement speaker and the conservatives are outraged over her appearance.

She is a Palestinian-American activist who is trying to disspell the notions that Muslims are "evil" and believers of "Shir'a Law."

The softball invites Brigitte Gabriel, a notorious Islamophobe on his show to bemoan about the "double standard" to inviting political agitators to college commencements.

Sarsour is one of the major figures in the Women's March Movement.

She believes that Gabriel, Pam Geller and anti-Muslim agitators are making life difficult for Americans who practice in Islam.

Fox News has promoted anti-Muslim stories. The softball and Tucker Carlson have spent countless hours dogging on Muslim activism. They bash Ms. Sarsour, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN),  Louis Farrakhan, Dean Obeidallah and Hassen Minhaj.

Sarsour is frustrated with the Israeli occupation of the Palestini-occupied West Bank and Gaza Srip.
Brigitte Gabriel is a notorious anti-Muslim agitator. Her rhetoric is considered "hate speech" in the United States.
Israel's controversial prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has committed war crimes. He masquerades this "Israel's right to exist" bullshit to use military strikes on innocent Palestinians.

Netanyahu is a bigot and Zionist. He wants to eradicate Palestinians from East Jerusalem.

Sarsour is called a "Zionophobe" by conservatives and they want to disinvite herself from this event.

Sarsour had raised $75,000 to help Jewish cemeteries replace gravestones. She offered food and clothing to people who were refugees from Syria. She volunteered services in the wake of mass shootings in Orlando and San Bernardino. And for all the good, a few quirks on social media and she's a "terrorist sympathizer."

Well she isn't and the conservatives are willing to smear, besmirch and destroy her credibility as a Muslim activist.

The father of 2002 beheading victim Daniel Pearl warns that protests could occur if CUNY allows it.

The softball and Gabriel called upon CUNY to drop her. Reminder, the softball is all about "free speech" when it comes to conservatives. But when a liberal speaks out against injustices caused by Israel, offensive jokes about Trump, and attacks on his character, Sean "Softball" Hannity is willing to sue, slander, and demand the opponent challenge him on his right wing carnival.

Did I forget to mention the "smear, besmirch and destroy" comment is a word vomit from the softball. And the softball is trained in marital artist and firearms.

He's a big macho guy according to him!

I applaud Linda Sarsour for taking a stand against Islamophobia. I give her props for standing up for women across the country. She embraces all religions as well as her Muslim faith.

They can't break her.

Sean "Softball" Hannity is the last original member of the Fox News primetime. His show is a trainwreck. On his show, all they do is scream at one another, attack Barack Obama and suck Donald J. Trump....well you know his "huge" package. He promotes fake news and complains about real journalists doing their jobs to hold politicians accountable.

Sleeping Giants is working on striking out the softball.

Here's Linda Sarsour debating with Brigitte Gabriel on CNN's Reliable Sources.

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