Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Rachel Maddow Doesn't Play Softball!

Rachel Maddow is being attacked by Sean "Softball" Hannity. The official softball of the Donald J. Trump inept legacy is upset that progressive groups are targeting his advertising. Now he calls upon a boycott of MSNBC and their number one host.

A feud is brewing between Rachel Maddow and the most annoying conservative agitator in the history of news and entertainment. This started from an ongoing media boycott of this agitator's right wing carnival running fake news about a dead DNC staffer. The agitator ran on a conspiracy that Hillary Clinton murdered Seth Rich. The hacking group Wikileaks is trying to ease the accusations of Russian meddling by singling Rich out as the person who leaked DNC emails to the website.

Sean "Softball" Hannity is so deep in shit, it's starting to stink. Mind you he is jealous. The past four weeks since the cannon firing of Bill O'Reilly are disastrous for Fox News. Maddow has became the news ratings champion.

The softball is now worried he could be silenced by Media Matters for America and Sleeping Giants. Along with the Color of Change, the activists are reporting on the many controversial things the softball said on his radio and television show.

This Seth Rich story is the beginning of the end for the softball. When Fox 5 DC ran a story about a private investigator looking into DC Metro Police letting the ball drop on the murder of the DNC staffer, the softball jumped onto it. He was for the last two weeks running stories about how Rich may have been the primary source of leaking information despite intelligence agencies saying Russian meddling played a huge role in the election. The softball was teasing a big break with a Twitter agitator named KimDotCom. The agitator pushes conspiracies on social media and the softball wanted to book him. Fox News executives halted the interview, retracted the story and ordered the softball to stop talking about it.

Last Tuesday, the softball ceased talking about it. He was taking a vacation to cleanse his mind. For at least five days, the softball didn't hop on Twitter to bitch and bemoan people.

He didn't respond to anyone about Seth Rich. Well he's back on it.

Full steam ahead for the softball.

Despite saying he'll "hold off" the Rich conspiracy, he lost nearly 10 advertisers. Now he team up with two far right bigots to launch a boycott against the number one talk host. Maddow is beating the softball in key demo. The demo is 25-54.

Brian Maloney and Melanie Morgan, two disgraced conservative radio agitators are now trying to team up the softball to strike out Rachel Maddow. They want to boycott her show. Maddow has won numerous awards for excellence in journalism. The softball won a few Marconi Awards.

He never won a journalism award since he worked at Fox News.

The softball hasn't talked about Jared Kushner or Michael Flynn turning in documents under a senate subpoena. He hasn't even mentioned the European Union's disgust of Donald J. Trump.

The softball is whining about the competition and Media Matters for America.

He has gotten away with attacking the President Barack Obama, Michelle and their children. He gotten away with smearing entertainers, the cable news competitors, individuals who protest Republicans and Democratic lawmakers.

He interrupts guests, berates them and says condescending (oftentimes sexist and racist) things towards people of color. He repeats talking points and distorts information. He is a panderer of fake news.

I often post in August the Sean Hannity Word Vomit. It's a collection of all the stupid comments and rhetorical nonsense spewes by this annoying pile of crap.

Maddow was off the television tonight. Chris Hayes, Joy Reid and Lawrence O'Donnell haven't commented on the Hannity feud yet.

Conservatives have gotten away with promoting the -isms. Time to cease the madness. Sean "Softball" Hannity is an example of what's wrong in America. Ted Kopel is correct.

Journalists are under attack from Trump and the assholes of the far right.

By the way, Scott Pelley was dropped from CBS Evening News after hosting it for nearly 4 years.

More on that Wednesday.

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