Monday, May 29, 2017

On And On: Mass Shooting In Mississippi!

Terrorist murders a Mississippi deputy and seven others. He was caught without a bullet being fired.

Another mass shooting in the United States.

Another terrorist murders innocent Americans for no goddamn reason. It's unfortunate that in the United States, our inept lawmakers and the inept leader can't fix these problems.

Constantly Republicans and conservatives bemoan about Democrats taking away Second Amendment rights from decent Americans.

The terrorist is Black and the victims are Black and White. Of course. conservatives are willing to place the blame on Democrats, the activists, liberal agitators and the junk food media for the sole actions of this terrorist. Liberals are placing the blame on Republicans for their relentless pursuit to have free and loose firearms in the general public.

Yet again, another mass shooting happens in the country and the first thing Republicans and conservatives say, "He's a LIBERAL Democrat and a THUG."

This Memorial Day weekend is brutal.

Gun violence occurs everyday in the United States. Some of these incidents make it to national coverage.

Donald J. Trump, Gov. Phil Bryant, Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) and Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) were notified over the weekend.
More innocent lives lost to gun violence. Another good cop pays the price for doing his job.
This terrorist murders eight people in a fit of rage sparked by an argument with his wife. He would kill a county boy and seven others before being captured without a bullet being fired.

Like the NICE GUY is the most dangerous individual to hold a firearm. They are the people who are hurt by society (i.e. relationships, workplace, bullied, and victimized). They want revenge against those who done them wrong.

Remember what I've said about the bad cops. For every bad cop, there will be a dead cop. The good cops will put their lives on the line for community. The bad cops will justify their reckless actions on the actions of the person they've shot. When it turns out that the suspect was unarmed, they turn the unarmed suspect's history into why the bad cop shot them.

Having mental illness doesn't help either. A person who is fixated on hate and revenge is a time bomb waiting to blow up.

The terrorist Willie Godbolt was captured and will face charges. His charges of capital murder, first-degree murder and felonious assault could earn him a DEATH card in the state of Mississippi. The terrorist is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
Terrorist tasted pavement after he tried to put up a fight.
Lincoln County deputy William Durr was killed after he responded to a domestic violence dispute.

The terrorist lived in the tiny community of Bogue Chitto.

The other victims wee Barbara Mitchell, Toccarra May. Brenda May, Jordan Blackwell, Austin Edwards, Shelia and Ferral Burage were murdered in cold-blood.

The terrorist was trying to go out like a punk. He was trying to fire upon more deputies. He ran out of bullets and tried to throw the gun. The deputies managed to give the terrorist a pavement sandwich and took him into custody.

Of course, Mississippi and many other states are trying to pass these so-called "BLUE LIVES MATTER" laws to make it a felony to disrespect cops.

Hell they might want to focus on laws to restrict military style firearms out the hands of civilians.

Godbolt had a history with the law. His history goes back from the early 2000s.


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