Sunday, May 07, 2017

Meet Your Neighbor!

White terrorist tried to murder a Black man for no freaking reason.

A Texas man who has ties to White extremism is facing a whole list of charges after he tried to lunge at a Black neighbor. This man could face federal hate crime charges as well.

His excuse, "I hate NIGGERS."

The terrorist, James Scott Lee tried to stab a Black neighbor after he yelled racial slurs at the guy.

The Houston Police put this terrorist in the protective custody.

Harris County First Assistant Prosecutor Tom Berg says the terrorist approached the neighbor holding a knife and yelling that he wanted to carve a name in him.

"I hate NIGGERS and I'm going to kill one," the prosecutor said in a written statement by the terrorist. "And that was in the context of carrying a knife in his hand."

The neighbor was able to dodge him. He jumped into his car and close his window. He called the law after the terrorist gave up on his mission.

He yelled bullshit in front of a room filled with other defendants.

"Are you kidding me? That's bullshit! I'm a United States army general. That's bull, that's a lie! I'm a royal master mason," said the terrorist.

The terrorist has a history of erratic behavior and unusual clothing choices were a red flag to the neighbors and court.

He has a leather vest with a "SS" patch. That's symbolic with the Nazis and there were patches too offensive for the junk food media to show.

The terrorist did try to intimidate the court by gesturing hand motion of a gun. He would throw up his third digit and then intimidate the judge.

The terrorist is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  He is held on $250K get out of jail free card. He could face 20 years in the iron college plus an additional 10 years in federal time out.

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