Sunday, May 07, 2017

Is This Is What Your Students Are Learning?

Teacher riles up classroom by saying NIGGER to a Black student.

A video circulated on social media showing a White teacher getting into a heated argument with a Black student. This happened in the city of New Orleans.

Orleans Parish School Board were flooded with complaints and the teacher is facing a possible cannon firing cause of it.

At Ben Franklin High School, the White teacher was saying to the Black student that NIGGER is a-okay with everyone.

The teacher identified as "Coach Ryan" argued that it's acceptable for White people to say the racial slur since its meaning changed over the years.

"The word has been commoditized so that anyone can use it, and ti's not a negative connotation," the teacher said.

The Black student contested the teacher. He said that regardless of what he said, anytime a White person says the racial slur, it's still offensive.

"Why can you not understand that it's racist for a White man to say 'NIGGER" to a Black man?" the student said.

The student said that no one in their right minds would think it's acceptable to use the racial slur.

"Don't fucking say that," the student remarked. "You can't say NIGGER or Fucking NIGGER", and the truncated colloquialism NIGGA."

The teacher would react to the statement by comparing it to hip-hop. He said that rappers say it all the time.

The student reminded him that the word "NIGGA" is used in music and it's done by Black entertainers. The teacher later contradicted himself by saying, "Nobody uses that word," before saying the racial slur again.

Of course, conservatives are defending the teacher. This White extremist website that I will not mention is calling the student, "uppity" for questioning a teacher's offensive remark.

Since the video went viral, the teacher was placed in the freezer pending a hearing on whether he violated his terms as an educator.

Make America Great Again, right?

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