Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Fox News Rehashes A Clinton "Scandal!"

Seth Rich's murder sparks kookspiracy claims.

With all the talk about Donald J. Trump blabbing intelligence to Russian officials, we wondered what the conservatives are up to!

Well over at Fox News, it's hardly mentioned.

What's trending on social media this morning the hashtag #SethRich

The primetime line up did briefly discussed it. It soon turned into a conversation about Hillary Clinton. The conservatives are trying to rehash a "kookspiracy" about a former DNC staffer being murdered by Clinton and her top aide John Podesta.

Allegations of a murder cover-up are sprouting on social media. The untimely death of a former DNC staffer has gotten major coverage on only one network.

Reminder: Fox News shoots a "smoking gun" that squirts water. 

The Washington DC Metro Police can confirm that Seth Rich was murdered by an assault and apparent robbery. The conservatives are trying to push Peter Schweizer's claim that Podesta arranged a hit on Rich.

Rich was shot close to home. Metro Police were alerted to gunfire in the early morning. Rich tried to put up a fight and escaped only to have a few bullets placed in the back.

A former Fox News contributor named Rod Wheeler is claiming that DC Metro were told to "stand down" when it came to the Rich murder.

A familiar term in the conservative word vomit, the word "Stand Down".

Heard this word during the Benghazi attack. Heard this word during the Superstorm Sandy disaster. Heard this word during the unrest in Baltimore. Heard this word during the FBI probe of Clinton's email. Now I am hearing this word vomit through this.

Somehow, conservatives always believe that government agencies are inept under Democrats.

Allegations of Rich giving information to Wikileaks has picked up steam on the webs.

Wikileaks is allegedly working on behalf of Russia. It released Podesta's emails back in 2016 to undermine Hillary Clinton's candidacy. The FBI and intelligence agencies believe that Russia had meddled in the election.

Conservatives believe that Rich was trying to inform the FBI about voter fraud and tempering in the brutal Democratic primary between Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Clinton.

A Republican lobbyist is trying to shelve $100K to get information on who murdered Rich.

Jack Burkman is calling upon soon-to-be-outgoing Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) to investigate the allegations Wheeler and Schweizer made on Fox News.

The Democratic National Committee's chairman Tom Perez and former chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) dismiss these claims. They believe that Trump's allies are trying to tarnish Clinton. They believe that conservatives are "hurting" the Rich family.

To distract from The Washington Post's major bombshell report about Trump sharing intelligence about the Islamic State to Russian officials, conservatives are working on trying to blame Clinton for the death of Rich.

The FBI, CIA and NSA agencies are pissed over Trump's flagrant disclosure of intelligence.

Fox News is trying their best to calm a storm. Republicans and Democrats express concern that Trump's loose lips could out agents who work on behalf of American interest.

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