Wednesday, May 10, 2017

For Bresha!

The nation rallies behind a teen who is facing criminal charges after she killed her abusive father. The world is hearing Bresha Meadows' story. 

A 15 year old girl is being held in the juvie after she was indicted on murder charges. The teen named Bresha Meadows was criminally charged in the death of her father. Her defense says that Bresha was an abuse victim and felt the only out was to kill her father.

Last July, Meadows was just 14 when she shot her father Jonathan Meadows in the head. Police arrested her and took her to the Trumbull County juvie center in Warren, Ohio.

The family doesn't deny the girl shooting her father. They said that her action were heroic.

Prosecutor Stanley Elkins and Meadows' attorney Ian Friedman ran a plea deal on the table.

She is looking for a 2-5 year sentence in juvie before release on critical monitored in-house.

If she refuses to take a deal, she could face adult charges and land in the iron college for LIFE.

If the plea deal goes through, she could finish up her term and get treated for trauma in a mental health facility. A trial was set for May 22. NBC News reports that if both parties can reach an agreement on the details, a plea deal will be struck before that date. If not she'll be tried as a juvenile and could be behind bars til her 21st birthday.

The hashtag #FreeBresha was tending back in August last year. They said that sometimes victims of domestic violence are sometimes punished after surviving traumatic abuse and acting in what is considered "self-defense."

At age 9, Bresha and her family were subject to crucial abuse from this man. Her mother and three children escaped the man when her mother was tortured with beatings and verbal abuse.

The victim's sister disputes the family's claims.

Bresha's brother and sister defend her. Jonathan, Jr. and Brianna were both glad that the public got behind their sister. They hope that the court sees her as a victim of abuse than a cold-hearted murderer.

Meadows is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. If she is convicted of murder in juvenile, she could remain in the lockup until she turns 21. She will then be on LIFE of in-house. If convicted in adult court, given the age and federal standings on "criminal adult charges," Bresha could get 10 to LIFE in the iron college.

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