Monday, May 22, 2017

Donnie Trump and Bibi Netanyahu Are Stupider Than Dirt!

Trump is aging. He is on his first international dignitary trip. He meets the most corrupt foreign leader in the world, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Donald J. Trump arrives in Tel Aviv, Israel. He and the family got out of that icky Saudi kingdom and landed in the unofficial 51st state. They were given a very warm greeting from BiBi.

But al-Jazeera English properly dissected all the fake news that was being spread around the web.

One thing that was popping up was Melania Trump not wearing a headscarf. In Saudi Arabia, many women are required to follow a conservative attire when in public. Many conservatives were quick to condemn Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama for wearing them. They were claiming that Melania was being "bold and brave."

al-Jazeera English does real journalism by pointing out that the kingdom doesn't require foreign dignitaries' wives to wear headscarves. They got photos of British prime minister Theresa May, Michelle Obama and Queen Elizabeth II in Saudi Arabia not wearing them.

And then this moment where Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu was asked about protocol by Trump.

Then this.

You see the leader of this stupid ass country listening to a foreign speech with his hands crossed and frowning.

Some pointed out that Melania felt miserable. Trump would try to reach for her hand and she quickly batted it away.

Truly funny stuff.

Trump vowed to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. Not today. He will not address that for now. In today's speech, Trump will acknowledge the threat of "radical Islam." Oops, he will say terrorism. He will not support a two-state solution to the conflict. Oops, he will.

Who knows what Trump will do while he's in Israel. His handlers are pleading to him to not embarrass the United States. So far, he's been at best tepid but not inept.

Also the Saudis gave $100 million to Ivanka Trump's charity. Remember Trump was complaining about The Clinton Foundation.

Ivanka praised the Saudi government for their women's rights. Of course, remind Trump that he and his buddy Sean "Softball" Hannity were complaining about how Hillary Clinton was taking donations from the Saudis that were treating women like crap.

What Trump's going to say in his presser?

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