Friday, May 05, 2017

Dirty Cop Who Killed Jordan Edwards Has A Court Date!

Former cop Roy Oliver faces murder charges in the death of Jordan Edwards.
Tonight, one former cop will now see himself in the courtroom facing a serious murder charge. The former Belch Springs, Texas officer who gunned down 15-year old Jordan Edwards as he was leaving a party is being charge with murder.

In Texas, if you're charged with murder, you could face either LIFE or DEATH. In the case of a cop, they could make it involuntary manslaughter and give him the same options. Of course, the U.S. Justice Department will get involved and decide whether the actions were violations of the civil rights of Jordan. The officer will be formally indicted and it will likely have a grand jury decide on whether the use of force was necessary.

The suspect is innocent until proven guilty in court of law.

What happened?

A person (i.e. the White guy in the neighborhood) called the law saying that they were teens throwing a huge party. He claimed that the teens were under the influence and were wreaking havoc in the neighborhood. The officers respond to the call. The incident turned into a fatal encounter.

The officer fired his service weapon on a vehicle fleeing the scene. According to the officers, the vehicle was used a weapon. A suspect was hit in the head. The suspect was transported a local hospital and pronounced dead. The officers wore body cameras. When the chief of Belch Springs read their report and saw the video footage, he found inconsistencies to the story.

By the middle of the week, the officer who fired his service weapon was immediately terminated. He was in the middle of appealing the decision until the state prosecutor found enough evidence to criminally indict him for the murder of an unarmed citizen.

Roy Oliver who hasn't turned himself in yet will be booked in Dallas County lockup. He will be fingerprinted, photographed and booked into the county lock up. He will post bail, get his lawyer and his police union to back him. He will also have the trolls of the internet bandwidth defend him.

Expect the Blue Lives Matter trolls to come to the defense of Oliver. I can also assume that the White extremists Colin Flaherty and Bob Owens will defend this cop by finding stories about Black on whatever crime.

Conservative agitators like on Fox News, Tucker Carlson, old fart Rush Limbaugh, The Drudge Report and Sean "Softball" Hannity will find that one person who "actually" seen what happened. That one person will make up a reason to justify the reckless call by the cop. You won't hear a comment from Donald J. Trump. Of course, Barack Obama, the former president will be mentioned in the word vomit of conservatives.

The cop fired his rifle into the passenger side of the vehicle. He claimed that the vehicle was approaching him in an aggressive manner.
Balch Springs Police Unit vehicle.
Well that wasn't the case. Jordan and his two brothers and two other teenagers were driving away from the party. Oliver opened fire on the vehicle with a rifle.

The bullets shattered the front passenger-side window and struck him.

Basically, the dirty cop shot at the vehicle pulling out of the driveway and it hit the right front passenger window.

Parents Charmaine and Odell Edwards said that their son isn't a "thug" or a "problem." They said that he was a good student and worked in the community.

It won't stop conservatives from making the notion that the parents are trying to make money off  Jordan's name. They will assume that Al Sharpton, Ben Crump, and Jesse Jackson will be in the forefront of activism against a "good cop."

Jordan Edwards and Odell pose for the camera.
Oliver has a history with disciplinary.

He was briefly suspended in 2013 following a complaint about his conduct while serving as a witness in a drunk driving case.

Personal records show that officer was put in the freezer for 16 hours after the Dallas County District Attorney's Office filed a complaint.

Oliver was having trouble making it to trial. He was angry to be there. He used vulgar language that caused an assistant district attorney to send a female intern out of the room, and he used profanity during his testimony.

Oliver was disrespectful towards a civilian when he was doing a call.

Oliver was warned in early 2017 to watch his mouth and respect those who he sworn to protect.

He joined Belch Springs in 2011 after leaving Dalworthington Gardens after a year there. He served in the military and had PTSD. Again, having PTSD and a firearm makes a dangerous timebomb.

Anger too...yeah, it's a going to be an interesting trial.

Many already believe that the fix is in. They will find ways to justify the cop and blame the victim.

We've been there! Done that!

So me and S.B will continue to cover the latest in the Jordan Edwards shooting.

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Anonymous said...

This cop will run. He knows that if he is found guilty, his chances of living in prison is slim. Will he turn himself in or will he run or take the cowardly way out and commit suicide?


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