Sunday, May 28, 2017

Dirty Cop Drops Out Of Offender U!

Dirty cop loses his badge. He had a sexual relationship with a teen at a Houston school. He won't enroll in the Offender U.

I'm getting freaking tired of teachers and school officials having sex with students. I am tried of the junk food media glorifying female teachers like their sex symbols. I am tired of the junk food media making teacher-student sexual encounters a mainstream fixture.

The junk food media is rationalizing pedophilia and sexual assault.

Students often have "crushes" on their teachers. But when the teacher or school officials caves into their desires to "have one fling or two," we're justifying it. When she show the mugs of attractive women, the junk food media is rationalizing these sexual predators.

A former cop for the Houston Independent School District is spared a enrollment in Offender U.

He engaged in a sexual encounter with a 14 year old girl. The girl gave him head while he took her to detention. Some of these encounters happened inside a girl's restroom stall where cameras can't see them.

Jacob Ryan Delgadillo was busted after the family notified the law about the relationship. The former cop was dealing with students at Cullen Middle School.

School officials noticed the strange things going on. Like Delgadillo blowing kisses at a girl when he walked by the classroom.

He plead guilty to unlawful conduct while on school grounds. That's a slap on wrist from the 20 year state mandated indecency with a child charge. The charges would have him labeled a TIER II for 45 years.

Unfortunate that he's a cop and this was his "first time." He looses his badge, his nifty perks as a lawman, his pension and returns to the world a private citizen. He won't wear the label of sexual predator though.

If he had been a regular person and had an improper relationship with a 14 year old child, he could had spent his LIFE in the iron college.

Nonetheless, for every bad cop, there's going to be a dead cop. The good cops pay the price for bad cops. Bad cops abuse their powers because they wear a badge and have a nifty car with sirens.

They're human beings too. They have to uphold the law as well. No one is above the law.

Bad cops make it harder for good cops to obtain witnesses and suspects.

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