Sunday, May 28, 2017

Dirty Cop Berates Miss Black Texas!

Carmen Ponder was razzed by the Commerce, Texas police chief.

In the city of Commerce, Texas, a police chief is facing a potential cannon firing. He used his power of authority to razz a motorist who happened to be Miss Black Texas. The two clashed over a simple pass on a local road.

The police chief was teaching his 14-year old daughter to drive and Miss Black Texas was driving to Walmart to grab some things. The two would meet in a not so friendly way. The chief would radio backup and have her arrested.

Carmen Ponder is another example of DWB (Driving While Black). The 23 year old woman said that Kerry Crews should lose his badge for this.

This incident happened 8 days ago and it's became a story.

This police chief had the nerve to call her a "BLACK BITCH."

The road rage incident has got so much attention, the police chief refused to take questions and called up his police union to find out if he can weather the storm.

Ponder spoke to the New York Daily News and local junk food media outlets in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Her attorney Montana Bunn said that "[Miss Ponder] feels humiliated and embarrassed because she's Miss Black Texas 2016. To be dragged through the mud for a legal issue and being arrested, it's hindering her emotionally, her title and career path."

Her other attorney Jasmine Crockett said that the police will try to downplay it and make it seem like Ponder was the one who started the incident.

"We won't have bodycam footage. We won't have dashcam footage. We won't have anything execpt their word against hers," Crockett said.

In a social media posting, she this in detail.

"Please read the whole thing. I was a victim of road rage in Commerce, Texas. A black truck slowly cut in front of me and kept braking. I thought it was a drunk driver so I drove around them and turned into Walmart, my original destination. When I parked, the same black truck sped up on my car and began yelling at me and cussing me out. He screamed that he was teaching his 14 year old daughter how to drive and I shouldn't have drove around her. I kept my window up and ignored him. I grabbed all my belongings and began walking into Walmart. He continued yelling and cussing me out and I finally turned around and said "it's illegal" when he kept saying that it was a 14 year old driving. That's when he screamed "oh whatever, you Black bitch!" I wasn't in Walmart long because I only needed one thing and used self check out. When I walked outside, the guy in the black truck and several other people began charging at me. One guy showed me his police badge and started screaming at me. He told me the guy was his chief and I better apologize to him now. I told him I wasn't going to do that and was walking to my car. He then grabbed me nd pulled me back into Walmart telling me I was being detained and the police were coming. When the police came, I began walking to the policeman when the aggressive guy pulled me by my arm again, told the cop that I was resisting arrest and demanded he arrest me. I spent 24 hours in jail and currently have a charge for evading arrest."

She said clearly, "I just don't want it to not happen to anyone else,"
Moron cop called a Black woman a bitch after she passed his daughter learning how to drive.
Ponder says she viewed photos of Crews online and she concluded that he was the person who engaged her in the verbal exchange and made the racially insensitive remark.

On Thursday, the city of Commerce said Crews was not involved in the initial altercation between two parties, but was at Walmart as a customer.

"Chief Crews became engaged in the incident after being approached by one of the parties," the city said in a statement. "Chief Crews made contact with the other party, but she failed to comply with his requests. As a result, she was arrest for evading arrest or detention when the responding officer arrived."

Chief Crews is placed in the freezer pending a potential cannon firing.

Some witness have video footage and the officer wore a body camera. So hopefully there will be some evidence to verify the story.

Friendly reminder: For every bad cop, there will be a dead cop. Good cops pay the price for every bad cop. These bad cops exercise bad judgment when it comes to abuse of power.

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