Monday, May 08, 2017

Denny's Had Knuckle Style Chili On The Menu!

Black people fight inside a Denny's restaurant in New York.

Okay if you witness a fight in a restaurant and you decide to film it instead of trying to stop it, you're a part of the problem. The things some people do for click bait. Especially when it comes to fights in the restaurant by Black people.

Like Trevor Noah said, "We ain't got time for that!"

This type of behavior is catnip for racial arsonists like Colin Flaherty, Alex Jones, The Drudge Report and The Gateway Pundit. Whenever Black people have disputes inside restaurants, someone either films it or participates in it. They quickly post it on social media and then the junk food media gets involved and shares it.

White extremists are hoping that Donald J. Trump fulfills his promise to be a "law and order" leader.

These antics often get more coverage because conservatives are trying to equate Black people as the "true racists" in the country.

This guy who filmed three women and a guy fight in a upstate New York Denny's Restaurant.

Colonie Police are investigating who started the fight and are searching for the individuals. The viral video was shared on Facebook and managed to gain 4.5 million clicks.

This "comedian" named Nick Nack Pattiwhack was filming the dispute. He sees hands being thrown and dishes being tosses inside the restaurant.

The comedian made a plug towards the women, "What it doin' baby?" or "I didn't get my food yet baby."

When they got close to him, they knock the table over and he quickly reached to get his drink as the two women serve knuckle style chili to one woman.

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