Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Cop Who Killed Jordan Edwards Was Fired Out The Cannon!

The story changes in the fatal shooting of Jordan Edwards.
Looks like the police chief of a suburban Dallas town had to fire this cop out the cannon. Jonathan Huber decided that the officer who fired his rifle through the passenger side vehicle killing an unarmed teen was "reckless in nature."

Roy Oliver may have a few days to get his story right. He will lawyer up and have the Dallas Police Union on his side to justify the fatal shooting of Jordan Edwards in the town of Belch Springs.

The officers involved had body cameras on them. The video evidence disputes the account of Oliver.

Oliver said that he used his firearm to stop a vehicle from trying to hit him. The officer responded to a call of a party with "underage kids getting drunk and walking around."

According to the cops, they heard gunfire. The officers claimed that a group of people left the house an approached them "in an aggressive manner."
Former Belch Springs cop Roy Oliver.
The car was pulling forward and away.

The body camera footage disputes everything and the chief had no choice but to fire Oliver out the cannon for this. He mislead in his report.

Now Edwards family want this officer charged for manslaughter.

Oliver's attorney Cindy Stormer said that her client is in hiding and will not speak on the shooting at this present time.

The public quickly discarded the notion that Jordan was a bad teen. In fact, he was a honors student and very well like person.

Hashtag activism continues to push forth accountability towards reckless actions by the police.

I will say this constantly.

For every "bad cop," there's gonna be "dead cops."

Given that most police often getaway with "justifiable" murder of people of color, the irrational may retaliate against those who actually serve the uniform honorably.

The good cops will follow procedure and uphold themselves to the same standards as those they protect and serve.

The U.S. Justice Department and Texas state prosecutors haven't commented on the matter.

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