Thursday, May 04, 2017

CBS Stands By Colbert!

Conservatives are upset over a comedian. I thought they said that liberals couldn't take a joke.

Republicans and conservatives support a man who said he can grab a woman by the pussy.

So if they want to complain about a comedian saying something offensive, maybe they might want to head over to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to address the comments by the guy who occupies that residence.

Stephen Colbert caught a firestorm of controversy when he did his comedy sketch on Donald J. Trump. The monologue got conservatives outraged.

Colbert stands by the monologue and even went harder. He did say that the "cock holster" remark was crude. I will not apologize for that one.
Colbert mocks Trump's 100 days. It got flack.
"So while I would do it again, I would change a few words that were cruder than they needed to be," said Colbert the next night.

Now they're calling for a cannon firing. The hashtag #FireColbert was trending for a moment but it disappeared after awhile.

Colbert was annoyed with the leader's awkward interview with CBS Face The Nation's John Dickerson. The GOP Sundays program interviewed the leader and he abruptly ended the interview when the host gave him a question about the alleged wiretapping by then president Barack Obama.

Trump said to Dickerson's face that his show is called "Deface The Nation."

Conservatives believe that Colbert said a homophobic comment about the leader. They are saying that CBS is allowing a "hate-monger" attack the leader with hateful slurs.

The LGBT community was mixed on the monologue. Some found the comments were offensive. Others were calling out conservatives for their sanctimonious outrage. They say if you're supporting Mike Pence, anti-LGBT bills, support repealing equal marriage rulings, and homophobia, you can't speak on their behalf.

CBS stands by Colbert.

The ratings are surging. Since Donald J. Trump took office, Colbert used his show as a platform to rail against Republicans and Trump's utter ignorance. People are tuning in to it.

Colbert is slated to have The Daily Show alums Jon Stewart, John Oliver, Ed Helms and Samantha Bee on The Late Show. The interview will be on May 9.

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