Saturday, May 13, 2017

Bow Wow Ain't A Trendsetter!

Bow Wow tried to stunt. Epic fail.

Shad Moss, the semi-retired rapper and actor was catching a lot of flack this week.

Moss (known as Bow Wow) is being taken to the woodshed over his boasting of ownership of a private jet.

Well it turns out that the rapper is now labeled the biggest frauds in entertainment says celebrity agitator DJ Akademiks.

He posted that he was boarding a private jet onroute to New York to do a presser. It turns out that he was spotted in economy class heading to New York. The person who caught him had to get second glance of the rapper and check social media to verify it.

Very soon, the #BowwowChallenge was born. The meme is mocking the rapper for lying about his wealth.

The entertainer responded on social media.

"You don't live my life. Everybody like talk about the plane, I didn't know that was news. That ain't news. What is there to talk about?" he explained in video obtained by I Love Hip Hop TV. "Ain't nothing to talk about. I don't got nothing to explain to niggas. I been doing this shit for too long. It take a second to hate but it take you a lifetime to make 500k nigga, make 500 thousand talk to me. I'm bout to go get some food."

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